The Top 5 LA Health Products You Must Try

I’ve been living in a little one-bedroom apartment here in LA with a kitchenette – it’s not a real kitchen! So I was curious to see how I would make do with a bar fridge – and I have been doing perfectly fine! I am used to a bigger kitchen with so many different utensils.

But that’s the thing with health – you just need to do the best you can in your situation. That’s balance. I don’t stress about it all being perfect. I used to. And it never served my health.

These are the top 5 favourite products I’ve been loving here in LA.

  1. Go Raw granola. It’s a healthy raw granola and tastes SO good. It’s made from buckwheat, coconut, seeds, vanilla and cinnamon – a really clean product. I love to sprinkle it in my morning Greek yoghurt or enjoy as a little snack in the afternoon. The apple cinnamon and lemon pie flavours are delicious!

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  1. Fage Greek yoghurt. I’ve been having protein yoghurt each morning for breakfast in my apartment – it’s just so easy to make with little fuss (and so healthy!). This keeps me very fully and energised until lunch because of the protein. It’s the creamiest and thickest Greek yoghurt I have ever had!




  1. Whole Foods Plant Based Fit Protein Powder. I have the vanilla cinnamon flavour, and it’s divine to add to yoghurt or smoothies.

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  1. Lara Bars. A raw vegan natural bar that I enjoy when I am on the run from meeting to meeting and need a little energy hit. It’s a very clean bar! I LOVE the peanut butter chocolate flavour….yum!

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  1. Bengal Spice tea. Heaven! I enjoy this every night with almond milk, cinnamon and vanilla stevia. It kicks any sweet craving! I do this in Sydney too, but it’s such a comfort for me here in LA before I go to bed.

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  1. Justin’s Peanut Butter snack packs. Need I say more!

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I found all of these products at Whole Foods, my local natural supermarket.


Look out for more of my favorite products will come on the blog next week!

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