Why I Believe The Undiet Is The Future Of Wellness

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about diets. They’re so pervasive in our culture. With every new diet that starts trending, we’re sold the dream that we’re finally going to achieve our ‘perfect’ body. I spent over 10 years trying every single fad diet and it caused me to develop a complicated, damaging relationship with food.

What’s wrong with diets? 

The problem with diets is that they centre around restriction. Diets instruct you to leave out a certain food group. For 10 years I feared almost every food. I could never sustain a diet for long and therefore would beat myself up for ‘lacking willpower’ to be able to stick to it.

Every time I ‘failed’ another diet and ‘strayed’ from what I was supposed to be eating, I punished myself for it. Ultimately, this broke my self-confidence and complicated my relationship with food. If, like many women, you’ve struggled with diets, please don’t beat yourself up.

Here’s the bottom line: diets are impossible to sustain in the long-term.

Leaving diets behind

Five years ago, I gave up dieting for good. I hit a breaking point and decided that I’d finally had enough. I’d had enough of controlling my food intake and criticizing myself. I was tired of obsessing over everything I ate.

I made a promise to myself that I would never diet again. I had to find a way that would set me free. It’s then that I established the JSHealth method and philosophy. Now, I focus on eating nourishing wholefoods, I eat mindfully, I indulge moderately, repeat positive affirmations before meals and remember to practise deep belly breathing. Mentally and physically, I’ve never felt better.

JSHealth was created as a way to document my progress. It was never intended to turn into the business it is today but I’m glad that it’s evolved to what it is. I want to give everyone the tools to end the diet mentality. Every woman deserves to know they do not have to diet again in order to achieve a healthy life and body.

The undiet method

Enter: the #undiet method. The undiet revolves around giving up dieting for life and finding a healthy, balanced approach to food and nutrition. This is not about quick fixes or fads; it’s about adopting a sustainable lifestyle that supports wellbeing. I’m going to be sharing the principles that have helped me – and so many women – to give up dieting for life and achieve long-lasting health.

I’ll be documenting the tips, tricks and mindset that helped me give up dieting and live the undiet method. I’d love for you to share your thoughts on the #undiet method with me on Instagram.

I’d love if you could join me in documenting your own #undiet experience. Let’s help to promote this message and share the JSHealth philosophy with our loved ones.

I can’t wait to hear what you think.




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