Your Transformations Make My Day!

I adore sharing with you all the awesome stories that I receive each week. Feels so good to see you changing your lives!



“I’m on week 2 and I have to preach that I am feeling FABulous! I went from stressing/checking my weight EVERYDAY to now being 3 weeks in of not knowing the numbers – it’s a wonderful feeling. I’ve incorporated meditating, AM body movements, legs up on wall before bed time, no tech before/after bed and just eating clean/healthy. Threw on a bikini this morning and told myself “I love every damn curve and if I don’t lose any more inches, I am not losing on anything, nadah, because I feel fantabulous!”



“Week 1 down, I’ve found it miraculously easy to cut down on my coffee intake, portion control, and fit in some stress-free time (mainly walking, yoga and reading) – even just these small steps have already made a difference! For the first time in my life I actually feel like I’m starting down a path I can stick to, and can’t wait to do more work over the next 7 weeks to cement these habits for life!”


“I’ve on my second last day of the program and to say it’s changed my life if an understatement.
I started the program 10 weeks after having my second child, I’ve always struggled with my body imagine and obsessed with counting calories and exercising. I found it really hard  postpartum this time because I  was the fittest (skinniest) I’ve ever been before getting pregnant.  You’re program has changed not only my outlook on food but life and balance. To say thank you or tell you how forever grateful I am doesn’t seem enough. But THANK YOU!!!” 


“I’m loving it! It’s exactly what I need, I’ve always struggled with other programs that just give you a meal plan, I’ve never been able to stick to them, there’s always recipes I don’t like or that are just too complicated. But with your program I can build it myself and eat foods that I like. The lists of foods in the guide are super helpful too, I’ve been looking for something like that for so long. I’ve built all my meals from that so now I know I’m getting enough protein and good fats!”


“I’ve been vegan for just over a month now, and I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t find your program, once I started writing down my meals I realised a majority of them had no protein or fats at all, there was some avocado here and there but that was it! Your lists have helped so much, it’s something I know I’ll be able to maintain and keep adapting with different foods. It’s exactly what I needed to make long term and sustainable lifestyle changes!”



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