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My Ultimate Wellness Guide To LA in 2018

23 October 2018
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I am so fortunate to be able to spend half of the year in Los Angeles for work. It truly is a global hub for all things related to wellness. Here in LA, health is more than just a trend; it’s an ingrained way of life. From smoothie bars to yoga studios, health food markets and mountain hikes, it’s hard not to feel inspired and motivated to live a healthy, balanced life. As a self-confessed foodie and health nut, I really can’t get enough of this beautiful, vibrant city. To share the LA love, I’ve partnered with to bring you the best of the city’s healthy hangouts.


It’s no secret that Aussies love going out for brunch, so naturally, I had to hunt down the local hot spots. Here are my favourites:

  • Erewhon Health Food Market: They have delicious hot food options, smoothies and healthy ice-creams.
  • Gjelina: They serve one of my favourite smashed avocado breakfasts.
  • Backyard Bowls: These guys make the best acai bowls in town – my favourite is the power bowl.
  • Bondi Harvest: Head here for your typical Aussie-style healthy breakfast.
  • Ruby’s Café: I love the green eggs bowl here.


Ah, coffee. I absolutely love my one-a-day almond milk latte (always before 10am). Here are my favourite coffee shops:



If I’m not in the kitchen creating new recipes for the JSHealth App, I love to have work meetings out and about at healthy lunch spots. Here are some cafés I’ve visited recently – plus what I ate.

  • Erewhon Organic Grocer and Café: I love having a big plate filled with protein and veggies of the day. Alternately, I also make my own salad from the salad bar.
  • La Scala: chopped salads – yummy! I love the tuna or chicken chopped salad.
  • Croft Alley: I adore their tuna lettuce wraps. They’re so light, fresh and fragrant.
  • Café Gratitude: This is all about plant-based deliciousness. I can’t go past their ‘grateful bowl’.
  • Sweet Green salads: This quick, easy and affordable salad bar allows you to get creative and make your own flavour combinations.
  • Urth Caffé: The Greek salad here is epic.
  • Taverna Tony: This restaurant serves up the best Greek food in Malibu. I love their Greek salad, eggplant, rice and dips.
  • Gjelina: These guys have an incredible array of gourmet sides and salads. They make healthy food look beautiful.


I love heading out for a nourishing dinner with friends or my husband, Dean. Here are some of our favourite locations:

  • Plant, Food + Wine: This beautiful, fine dining restaurant serves delicious plant-based meals served up by Matthew Kenney, a well-known vegan chef. It’s littered with candles and a beautiful ambient mood.
  • Crossroads: This is another lovely fine dining restaurant serving up vegan food. It also happens to be Ellen DeGeneres’ favourite restaurant and quite frankly, who am I to disagree with Ellen?
  • Il Pastaio: This is my favourite weekend lunch spot. I love the fresh fish, sautéed greens and the rocket, parmesan and hearts of palm salad with grilled shrimp.
  • Zinque: If you know me, you’ll know that I’m crazy about cauliflower and they have a delicious cauliflower rice bowl.
  • Sushi Fumi: I love their sushi, garlic edamame and Japanese salads. I’ve ordered their salmon skin salads and moon rolls – delicious!


Part of living the healthy life is getting outside in the fresh air and exploring what’s on offer. It’s also a great way to socialise with friends and loved ones.

  • Runyon canyon: This is the best place to see the Hollywood sign. Plus, you are sure to see celebs and their dogs.
  • Solstice Canyon Loop Trail: A great hike if you’re keen to explore Malibu and the surrounding areas.
  • Melrose Place Farmers’ Markets: I head to our local farmers’ markets every Sunday morning. It’s got such beautiful produce and a great vibe. Grab a coffee from Alfred’s on the same street and enjoy a stroll around the markets.
  • Brentwood Farmers’ Markets: Gorgeous vibe, food options and celebrity scouting.


If I’m out between meetings and need a healthy snack, I drop past one of these lovely drink and smoothie bars.

  • Moon Juice: They make divine green juices, warm drinks and healthy potions.
  • Lifehouse Tonics: love the CHAGA CHIP COOKIE DOUGH that is made from almond milk, cashew milk, cacao nibs, chaga, cinnamon, hemp seeds, maca, passion flower, Himalayan salt and vanilla. Heaven!
  • Earth Bar: More delicious smoothies – I love the Flax Master smoothie.
  • Body Energy: They make the most delicious almond butter smoothie


  • Unplug Meditation: I love the ambience of their studios. It’s a brilliant spot to foster a meditation and mindfulness practice for beginners and advanced meditators. They even have self-love meditation classes.
  • Paradise Cove Beach, Malibu Beach: I love heading to the beach. It’s so calming and restoring for the soul. Put your feet in the sand and soak up the salty beach air and sounds of the ocean.


As part of my moderate approach to movement, I love to switch up my exercise routine. I alternate between walking, yoga, HIIT and light weight training. Here are some classes I’ve tried and loved in LA:

  • Y7 Yoga: You can do yoga while listening to Jay Z – what’s better than that?
  • LA Dancefit Studio: This upbeat studio offers a range of high-energy dance classes.
  • Yoga Works: incredibly experienced yoga teachers
  • Body By Simone: This dance class will make you sweat but you’ll have fun while doing it. I love the music and energy of all of the classes.
  • Playlist Yoga: This is a modern, music-based approach to yoga. An upbeat workout that ignites the body and clears the mind.


If you’re planning on visiting LA, I highly recommend Expedia to help you book the ultimate getaway.

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