Healthy San Choy Bow

YAY. 60 seconds with Jess is back! Coming to you every Monday and Thursday evening 😊 Here is my easy peasy San Choy Bow recipe! Dean and I literally eat this 2-3x times a week. Because it is so easy. This is the best dinner to enjoy when you just don’t feel like spending too much time in in the kitchen. First I sautéed 1 onion in a heated pan with coco oil (1-2 tsp). Then add some organic minced chicken to the pan with a drizzle of olive oil and tamari. Sauté until cooked. Once cooked, top with some fresh chopped parsley. Then take an iceberg lettuce and tear off the lettuce leaves/cups. Fill the lettuce cups with the mince, smashed avo, crushed peanuts and chopped spring onion. Serve with a dijon mustard, tamari, chopped spring onion and sesame oil dressing. Easy and so delish! Vegos – you can do with this tempeh or lentils instead of chicken 😘 Tag a friend who needs dinner inspo! Full recipe link in my Insta bio!! P.s. Amazing new post on what nutritionists really order in restaurants up on the blog tomorrow, stay tuned 😉

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