What Is The Difference Between My First & Second Book?

My first book, The Healthy Life, was a summary of all that I learnt during nutrition school. It contains my 10 principles that helped me personally to heal my body and live a healthier life. The recipes in my first book are the ones I first discovered when I turned from a fad dieter to a whole food eater.


Living The Healthy Life (Book 2) is a more practical guide to living the healthy life (it has an simple 8 week plan of action in the back), with practical tips for the every day person on how to achieve their individual health goals. It caters to the person who’s wanting to be healthy but doesn’t know how, as well as the already health-conscious community which Jess has built online and around the world.


Living the Healthy Life focuses on healing your relationship with food and finding balance with food. I talk about how to quit fad dieting forever, and give ourselves the freedom to stop feeling guilty about food.  It contains heart-felt personal anecdotes of my own health challenges and very much focuses on how to have a healthier relationship with food; it hones in on disordered eating and orthorexia, which I believe is the next big health challenge we will face. Orthorexia is a fear of eating anything but healthy food, and when someone becomes obsessive and restrictive with healthy food and eating – to the point of imbalance.


The book covers my top nutritional principles will help you to deal with stress and anxiety, lack of energy, low thyroid function and explores the benefits of sleeping and resting more, improving digestive and gut health and balancing our hormones.


There are also 160 new recipes in the book, which were all created in LA (with very limited time) and so I was inspired to create quick and easy dishes.


The essence of Book 2 is to show people that healthy cooking does not in any way need to be complicated or time-consuming. It shows people that healthy food requires very minimal time and effort with Jess’ tips and tricks to making healthy meals happen effortlessly.


If you are wanting a practical guide on how to live a healthy life, I recommend my second book. For all basic health questions or information – my first book is fabulous.


You can order my second book here – yay!

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