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I believe you can tell a lot about a person by what they carry with them. Are you someone who practically takes your entire life with you wherever you go? With all the running around we do these days it sometimes feels like we never stay put long enough to settle in! Now that I’m spending more time at the clinic, I’m especially conscious of what I pack in my bag each morning. I wanted to share the essentials that I can’t live without during a long day. Many of these items will be getting packed this weekend, too, as I prepare to embark on my yoga retreat. I would love to hear some of your must-pack items as well!

What’s in my handbag?

Burt’s Bees Hand salve

An absolute must to keep hands smooth and supple. It’s packed with vitamins and all natural ingredients like beeswax and sweet almond oil. Even my guy likes to use it!

Burt’s Bees Beeswax Lip Balm

This classic balm is loaded with sunflower and coconut oil (a miracle ingredient in the kitchen and on our skin!) and is full of vitamins and fatty acids to soothe and soften lips. It’s simple and subtle, which means that it, too, is snagged by my guy on a regular basis.

Burt’s Bees Eye Cream

A little dab soothes and brightens the delicate skin around my eyes. Perfect for days when my skin needs an added glow – it’s easy to add just a touch any time, any place.

Flask and herbal tea bags

I bring herbal tea and water to keep hydrated wherever I go. This is especially important when traveling – I never want to be without this easy source of soothing antioxidants.

Supplement container

A simple carryall for my supplements: Vitamin C, fish oil and a multivitamin

A cacao bliss ball

One of my favorites! I always pack a healthy snack in my bag to keep me going when I need an energy lift, especially during those mid-afternoon slumps. Another essential item for traveling, quick, simple, homemade snacks are always best.


Must keep those eyes protected against bright sunlight!

A healthy book

I’m currently loving Flourish by Martin E.P. Seligman. Have you read it?

Coconut Water

Because you can never stay hydrated enough!

Now that I’m feeling motivated to pack for my upcoming holiday, I’m officially ready to being my weekend #switchoff. I look forward to reading your packing essentials list when I return on Monday!

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