Why I am a supplement junkie…

We are told that we get our nutrients from our daily food consumption… While this is partly the truth, in today’s busy world we are restricted to eating certain foods that are usually chosen based on ‘convenience’. I find most of my clients struggle to find the time to buy fresh produce and then prepare home cooked whole food meals. I understand and respect that this is the reality of the fast paced lifestyle but the truth is we are not getting enough nutrient rich foods. And we need to take it seriously because we are nothing without our health !

Daily vitamin supplements can help to ensure we are getting the proper nutrition we need each and every day. Lacking in just a few essential vitamins and minerals can cause a body imbalance, resulting in unwanted symptoms in the body. This could be the answer to some of your current body complications (low energy, stress, anxiety, depression, weight gain and hormonal imbalance)- It certainly was to mine!

In my opinion it is truly ESSENTIAL we take supplements above and beyond a healthy diet. 


Depleted Soils! Even if you eat a healthy, predominantly plant-based diet with lots of fruit and vegetables, chances are (unless you’re consuming everything organic) the food comes from soils that have insufficient mineral content. When foods are grown over and over again in the same soils, the mineral content of that soil becomes depleted over time.

Processed foods/additives: Most foods these days are loaded with sweeteners, salt and preservatives etc- replacing the good stuff in the foods! These additives can all lead to toxic build up in our bodies resulting in hormonal imbalance. 
Supplements can help detoxify the body from these additives.

Here is the research to back me up…

According to Dr Gert Schuitemaker, Ph.D:  “In the Netherlands, a report of the Dutch Health Council states that less than 2% of the population is eating according to official dietary guidelines. Moreover, the authorities state that, even if a person is eating according to the dietary guidelines, he is not getting enough vitamin A, D, folic acid, iron, selenium and zinc. Research in a Dutch hospital showed that 40% of patients at the time of admission were malnourished. So, dietary supplements are necessary.”

My daily supplements include: 

  • Omega 3 (EPA and DHA)-aids mental health, brain function, heart health (good cholesterol), skin health, blood sugar control (weight control), nervous disorders, (depression and anxiety) and acts as an inflammatory in the body.  The benefits are too large to mention here. Every person should be taking an omega 3 supplement!
  • B complex- overall health. Can improve your overall metabolic performance (weight control), immune support, energy (helps with fatigue), stress control, relieves anxiety and depression, can aid skin irritations (acts as inflammatory), production of hormones – really just maintenance of general well-being. 
  • Zinc- essential for cell growth, immune support (fights off infection), aids thyroid function, supports hair and nail strength. Most people have low zinc (very few foods contain good amounts of zinc). 
    • Daily Probiotic- (My Favourite!!!) 
    • Repopulates good bacteria in your gut. This can do magic for your body! Especially good for your digestive system (bloating and IBS symptoms), weight control (can eliminate toxic build up and promote hormonal balance), your immune system (most of your immune system is in your gut!) and also fights fatigue. There is more and more research linking good bacteria in the gut to reduction of nervous disorders such as anxiety and depression. It can also aid the absorption of vitamins and minerals! I say- a probiotic a day keeps the doctor away 🙂 

    • I also get a monthly Vitamin B12 Injection- aids metabolism of fat and carbohydrates, maintains central nervous system (stress), and provides immune support. ( I will be injecting most of my clients with this stuff!!!).
    • When stressed or burnt out, I take the following:
      • Magnesium (at night)- detoxifies, maintains acid alkaline balance in the body and good for health functioning of nerves and muscles. Also regulates blood sugar levels (helpful in preventing Diabetes/Insulin issues). Most of the population is lacking in this underrated mineral!!
      • Adrenal Support/AdHealth (consists of siberian ginseng and withania)- assists in adrenal support, synthesis of hormones, immune support and regulates metabolism of blood sugar.

    I will conclude with this: So with no exaggeration, I have not had a sniffle, a stomach issue (not even in India!!) or even a pimple in almost 2 years now. I believe that this is due to my supplement and whole food intake! 

    NOTE: While I believe some supplements are necessary, this does not mean they can be taken in replace of a good diet. They can only enhance your health. 

    Please email me for further supplement advice or queries: 


    Affirmation of the week: I treat my body as a temple. It is holy, it is clean and it is full of goodness.

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    • Marnie

      Hi Jessica

      Thanks for that great info, can you please list or post the brands of supplements you recommend? There are so many on the market and it’s getting hard to decifer what it all means when all I want is a probiotic, clean high potency fish oil, immune boosting supplement and a good general multi vit.

      Your blog and posts are so informative and inspiring.

      Thank you!!!

      • Paige

        I agree Marnie. I have been searching the web for the highest quality supplements, and with so many on the market it is hard to tell which ones are the best. There are hundreds of brands and I don’t know where to start. I want to start taking supplements daily and with your experience it would be very beneficial to not just me but anyone else who is interested to chose the right products.

    • Wow i kinda just stumbled upon here and im a big time supplement junkie too!! I take my omega’s and my a,c,e and i kinda am into this new craze called acai. Please do read my blog. I hear its the next big thing in the supplememt world ! I just ordered my first bottle today , to try it out and suggest it to ppl like myself. Has anyone tried this acai thing yet? And oh yes please do read blog , it’s all about acai berries and how it helps to lose weight! Thanks!

    • Lauren

      Hi Jessica-
      I am from the States and wanted to know if there was a specific brand of supplements that you would recommend? I know you have spent some time in LA and wasn’t sure if maybe you had an opportunity to review various brands of supplements here in the States. One of our big health stores is called GNC. Thank you for your help. I really enjoy following your blog/Instagram and becoming more informed on health and nutrition through it! I appreciate you!



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