Why I Know My Book & Program Will Help You Heal Your Relationship with Food & Your Body

Over the past couple of years, I’ve realised that the connection between food and weight is the filter through which many of my dear readers and clients view their health. This is a mindset that needs to change. Believe me when I say that health is so much more than the number on the scales.

My passion in life is helping women to heal their relationship with food. Because it wasn’t so long ago that my own relationship with food was broken and complicated. I stopped dieting and won my life back. You can do the same!


My second book, Living The Healthy Life and online program (coming on the 12th of Feb!) really hones in on this notion of having a wholesome relationship with food and your body. I believe it is as important, if not more important than just making healthy food choices.


I spent too many years hating on my body and allowed food to govern my thoughts in a very unhealthy and obsessive way.


I know so many of you can relate and that’s why I was so passionate about writing my second book– because I believe when you heal this – you heal your body – for life.


My personal story:


There’s a moment I remember so vividly.

I was just 18 years old, and standing in the kitchen one afternoon after my weekly visit to the dietician.

She had told me I’d put on 400g. Not kilos or pounds, but grams.

She wasn’t impressed and the interrogation that followed made me feel like a total failure. She’d put me on a strict diet, which I’d followed to the letter (thank you, A-type personality), but I’d gained weight instead of losing it. “Didn’t you stick to what I told you to do?!”

I wasn’t particularly overweight, but I was trying to be ‘perfect’. Losing those last three kilos meant the world to me. Oh, and seeing a dietician was a trend – a cool luxury – amongst my friends.

It became a game of sorts. If I lost weight, I was ‘succeeding’; if I gained it, I wasn’t good enough. It was a toxic cycle.

I came home feeling betrayed by my own body. I was so disappointed with myself. I was studying health and experimenting with different fad diets, yet I couldn’t even ‘fix’ myself.

To manage my weight (and if I’m honest, punish myself), I’d restrict my eating even further to the point of obsession – like so many teenagers today. But the more I deprived myself, the harder my weight was to control.

I was so focused on that stupid number that I’d completely lost sight of the importance of how I was feeling in my own body. I felt terrible. I had low energy, low moods, and shattered self-esteem.

Because back then, being thin meant being healthy to me. It gave me a sense of identity – I was part of something, the dieting movement – but I’d never felt more lost. And when I broke my ‘diet’, I felt like a total failure.


Why couldn’t I just lose that weight?


It was all I thought about.


And of course, this had an incredibly negative impact on my relationship with food.

Then, while I was standing in my kitchen, I had a lightbulb moment. I jolted myself out of this state for a second – and it felt as though I’d had the wind knocked out of me. It scared me to my core just how ridiculous it was that a few hundred grams (which could have been PMS fluid) affected my life so much.


I realised I’d rather be overweight than keep torturing myself like this.

It was also the moment I decided to heal my broken relationship with good. The moment I decided to start jotting down my thoughts and feelings in a blog, to show people how I wanted to fight this desire to be perfect. The moment I decided to kick off my journey to a healthy mind and body.

And slowly, food became my friend.

I began to heal my body and shift my attitude.

Now, it’s your turn. I’m here for you!


My book contains all the tools I used to take me from A DIETER TO A MINDFUL EATER.

It is all about finding freedom with food… and giving up dieting for life!


Xx Jess.


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