Why your spice rack is just as important as your medicine cabinet


Spices are medicinal. They really are just so great for your health and also add so much flavor to your food. One of my top tips to a clean and healthy kitchen? It’s all about that spice rack. The best way to create flavourful meals that are delicious and nutritious are by getting creative with herbs and spices.

You already know that I am a big proponent of making your own healthy condiments, but using a variety of seasonings is even easier. If you’ve got a well-stocked spice rack, creating fun and healthy dishes are practically brainless.

Not only do herbs and spices add flavour to your meals, but they are also incredibly nutritious!

Here are my spice cabinet must-haves that are especially nutrient-rich:

Turmeric – A major anti-inflammatory that also tastes amazing in a variety of dishes, especially Indian food – it’s a major component of curry spice. Or, try it in my Chickpea-Free Zucchini & Turmeric Hummus!

Garlic – It adds so much flavour AND can help fight a cold because it includes allicin; it’s also highly alkalizing in the body.

Cayenne pepper – The spiciness of this herb actually helps with digestion and calms the stomach. It reduces inflammation and pain (and it also supports the metabolism). I sometimes add it to my morning lemon water!

Cinnamon – It’s anti-inflammatory and It also helps keep your blood sugar stable! I add cinnamon to all kinds of things from tea to smoothies to treats, and I love it in my Protein Pumpkin & Cinnamon Muffins.

Ginger – This is the absolute best remedy for nausea – a good tip for expecting mums. It also supports healthy digestion and immunity, as well as the metabolism. Try my Homemade Ginger Tea for a quick and easy natural tummy-soother.

Cumin – The seeds help digestion, and are a great source of iron. Studies are showing cumin can even be beneficial against cancer and diabetes. Try it out in my Carrot and Cumin Soup.

Parsley – Since it’s rich in vitamins like C, B 12, K and A, it helps your immune system strong. It supports kidney function, too, but flushing out excess fluid. The classic way to use parsley is chopped up as a garnish, but it’s actually really delish sauteed with other greens. I love adding it to eggs – my Egg White + Greens Frittata is a fav.

Mint – Another great digestive aid with antioxidant properties that can also help reduce allergy symptoms.

Basil – It’s packed with vitamins and minerals (and the oil from the leaves has been shown to prevent bacterial growth) but did you know it can also be used topically to help fight acne? Just boil the leaves, dip a cotton square in the liquid and pat it on trouble areas, let sit for 10 minutes and rinse.

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