Women’s Multivitamin…Why It’s So Good For Us!

In healing my relationship with food and with my body, I began to educate myself about exactly what vitamins and nutrients I would need to truly thrive. It took some trial and error, to be sure, but I’ve finally found the combination that works for me.
Focusing on natural, whole foods was a huge part of this process – I truly believe eating this way is what makes me thrive. And while I rely primarily on food for this, I also believe in boosting areas we may be lacking with supplements. This, too, became a mission – where can I get these vitamins and minerals without all the synthetic junk?

When I found Nature’s Way – well, I found the answer. One of the things I love about this vitamin line is that I get the benefits of real, whole foods packed into one easy supplement. Their Women’s Multivitamin is a daily non-negotiable for this girl – it packs a healthy punch that keeps me looking and feeling fantastic.


The Women’s Multivitamin features an impressive lineup of nutrients derived completely from whole foods – plus extras that you just can’t find in a typical synthetic vitamin. It covers many of my needs without compromising my commitment to real food. I love that I can get the added nutrients and minerals from actual food sources!


If my body needs:


Energy – I get an iron and antioxidant boost from curry leaves, which keeps me healthy and thriving. They’re also a great source of vitamin A, B, C and E to reduce oxidative stress and free radicals. I recently learned that curry leaves provide gastrointestinal protection too, so I’m loving that property as well.


A thyroid boost – I get iodine (something most Australians are deficient in) thanks to kelp. Without a proper amount of iodine it can be difficult to regulate the thyroid gland, and this often leads to metabolic issues. Thyroid health is something that is personally very important to me, and I love the fact that the Women’s Multivitamin specifically address this need.


Healthy hair and nails – I get a mega boost of silica from bamboo and biotin from sesbania, and I truly believe this has made my hair and nails grow longer and stronger. Many clients and readers ask how I take care of my hair, and this is a major part of the answer – a healthy dose of nutrients every day!


The Women’s Multivitamin is full of the good stuff – and none of the bad! The 100% gluten-free, vegan and non-GMO line gets the JSHealth tick of approval.
As I tell my clients, I recommend multivitamins as a way to boost overall immunity, energy and mental clarity. The beauty benefits are the icing on the (healthy) cake!

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