Your Mysterious Hair Loss: Solved!

Have you noticed increased hair loss recently? The cause may not be what you think! These are some of the most common reasons you’re shedding and how to get your full, healthy-looking locks back.

Thyroid levels – low t3 levels (active thyroid hormone) can cause your hair to fall out. Get your t3 levels checked and give your thyroid support under the guidance of a health practitioner. You can find more great thyroid tips in The Healthy Life.

Iron levels – low iron levels can cause hair breakage. Your ferritin levels in blood tests should be around 70. Eat meat 2 times per week or invest in a good iron supplement.

Minerals – your hair needs minerals to grow. Zinc and silica are great for hair growth. I recommend starting off with a multi mineral every day for 3 months that includes 30mg zinc.

Stress – high levels of stress causes everything to deteriorate, and it can be a major cause of hair loss. Commit to stress-relieving exercises daily, and enter the JSHealth Stress Free Zone for at least 20 minutes a day. Shut off all electronics, close the door and rest, or spend quite time out in nature.

Digestion and absorption – you need to absorb your nutrients and minerals for hair growth. When you’re not absorbing your nutrients for repair and growth, your hair will suffer too. See my healing plan, The Cleanest Gut, for additional support.

Good fats and protein – these are essential for hair growth. You need amino acids from protein to build strong hair cells. Good fats nourish hair cells and make your tresses shine. I share all of my favourite healthy fat and protein sources in The Healthy Life, along with dozens of delicious recipes

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  • Lindsey

    Just wanted to thank you for this Jess, my ferritin was very low and I was wondering why I was losing my lovely hair. I’m slowly building it up now with a good organic natural liquid iron supplement, I’m still not at 70 but I’m noticing I’m improving! I’m also addressing what I believe to be “leaky gut” and have cut out gluten and minimised dairy. My husband is so wonderful and supportive and he’s so happy he’s not seeing me cry over my hair anymore thank you hugs xo



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