3 JSHealth Soups I’ve Been Loving


I absolutely adore soups in winter. Warming, nourishing and a great way to hit those veggie targets.

However, soups by themselves can often leave me feeling peckish. I’m a big believer in incorporating protein, fat and a source of carbohydrates into every meal. Here’s how I turn veggie based soups into a satisfying and balanced meal:

  • Add a serving of protein: 1-2 boiled eggs or a handful of shredded chicken or 1 cup lentils or beans
  • Add some toast: I love to add a slice of seeded toast (great for dipping into soup!) or a slice of my Signature Gluten-free loaf.
  • Add a little fat: some yummy ideas include goat’s cheese, feta or parmesan. Sometimes I sprinkle on some dukkah spice mix, crushed nuts or I enjoy some avocado with my toast.

And here are my 3 favourite soups:


Winter Warming Zucchini Soup
My favourite green soup! It’s also much loved by the JSHealth team and was the first recipe they requested I cook when I got home from overseas. Find the recipe here.


Creamy Cauliflower, Hazelnut & Sage Soup
This creamy soup already has the fat component covered thanks to the addition of hazelnuts. It pairs beautifully with shredded chicken and some seeded toast. Find the recipe here.


Creamy Carrot & Sweet Potato Soup (pictured above)
Creamy, satiating and with a source of plant-based protein from the chickpeas and toasted cashews! It’s a community favourite and the full recipe can be found in the JSHealth app.




Looking for some more recipe inspiration? There are over 350 recipes the JSHealth app and cooking videos too. Now available on Android and iOS. You can get started here.

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