AJ Davis

I have had a negative guilt-ridden relationship with food my whole adult life. From the minute I finished The Clean Life I haven’t touched gluten, sugar or processed food and I haven’t missed any of it at all! This book is an amazing tool for anyone who has challenges with food and/or their body. Best of all… it makes healthy living so easy, and delicious!

The Clean Life is not about a long list of ‘can’t haves’ or depriving yourself, it’s simply easy to understand and easy to follow guidelines for building a healthy lifestyle and making positive choices. Jessica Sepel is unbelievably open and honest about her own health journey which makes her so believable and easy to relate to. She is generous with her knowledge and yummy recipes and her passion for helping people live a clean life shines through every page. I can’t wait to buy a hard copy of this beautiful book, I refer to it on a daily basis and want to share it with everyone I know.


Tyler-Ross Bedil

I have lived with endometriosis for over four years, it stopped me from going about my everyday life, unable to work, see friends and just enjoy my days. I had heard about Jess through a friend and decided to give it ago instead of opting for surgery. Going to Jess was the best decision I have ever made. Jess changed the way I ate as well as my quality of life. I went from having unbearable pain to eventually no pain at all.

“Thanks to Jess I can now go about everyday happily and healthy.”


Jessica Nagy

I have always been health conscious but for all the wrong reasons. I was introduced to your blog and it immediately resonated with me. It really helped me to change the way I think and feel about my body and it taught me about the true meaning of balance and how everything is interconnected. I have not only lost weight and toned my body over the last year, I have completely changed my thinking and am so aware of how certain foods make my body feel and how to pay attention to my body and its needs! There is no one like you out there with such spot on perspectives, techniques and recipes!! I still read your blog weekly and it never fails to inspire me!

Almost exactly one year after I made my booklet with your recipes and I started to follow your blog and make big changes in my life, I made the courageous decision to quit my comfortable office job and launch my business in the health and wellness industry! I am now working full time in my business and couldn’t be happier! I am a wholesale distributor for a couple of brands and I also make my own organic dessert that I sell to cafes & health food stores!



Thank you for your wonderful work and for sharing your ideas and recipes with people like me, who struggle day to day with my relationship with food. I live in England so I am about as far away from you as I can be, yet you continue to inspire me.


Jess Watt

Jess came along at the exact right time in my life. After a year of chemotherapy I had no idea how to understand or look after my body. Jess has such a realistic approach to health and wellness and serves up endless inspration that has empowered me to transform my life for the better. She has the biggest heart and is a truly beautiful human inside and out.



Dear Jessica,

I emailed you a bit more than a year ago to thank you for the positive contribution your blogging has made to my life, but after viewing your JS Health Story on Youtube this morning, I really felt that I needed to send yet another email. I am 17 years old and honestly, you have changed my life through your blogging and healthy mantras. Watching your video today actually brought tears to my eyes.

When I was 15 I went through an eating disorder that took over my life and as a result I became out of touch with myself, friends, family and food. After watching your story I went back through the notebook I had written when I was consumed by this disorder and couldn’t believe what how I had been treating my body! One carrot and cucumber for lunch, apple cider vinegar and green tea when hungry to ‘boost my metabolism’, tuna cans for dinner because they were low carb, 100 star jumps upon waking and before weighing myself… I did not realise how badly I was treating my body at the time but looking back I am truly grateful to my body for holding through, and now I make rest, nourishment and exercise a priority to make sure I can thrive and enjoy life.

My family, like yours, has always been very health conscious however I took this for granted, and perhaps a little too far. I now enjoy wholesome food and family walks along the river (even air yoga sometimes!) and appreciate the fresh air and fresh food that is available to me.

You are not only a role model for me in terms of healthy living, but your affirmations and ‘Monday Mantras’ always add a spring to my step. I want to be a human rights lawyer and I’ve created a vision board – just as you suggest – to help me create my future and live the life of my dreams. You inspire me with how hard you work and the difference that you are making amongst the JS Health Community and I really admire that you do not solely focus on food as the cause of health problems, but you factor in emotions like stress. You’ve truly set me up for life with a list of healthy habits that I will continue to implement and share. I no longer feel guilty about having the occasional latte, gelato or pizza, or about taking a day off from my marathon training when I feel the need to.

At the end of last year I visited Sydney and was so inspired by the healthy cafés around. While I can always be assured any food prepared by my family at home is healthy, coming out of my eating disorder I was nervous around ‘outside food’. Going to Lox Stock and Barrel was a delicious experience and now I spend each weekend exploring new healthy cafes around Perth.

I’ve attached a few photos of my healthy meals and one of my vision board. Keep doing what you are doing and always believe in the power of your message, because all of us in the JS Health Community certainly do!





I find this health account soo inspiring. So many healthy new mind shifts and healthy practices learnt from Jessica’s book The Clean Life and blog. The top changes for me have been 1)To rest more – in fact everyday! Stress is one the biggest health killers of all time. I try everyday to enter the stress free zone. 2) Trust my body: this has been a big one. From watching Jessica’s story I could relate at how obsessive id become with healthy eating. I would literally panic over eating an unhealthy meal or indulging once but I’ve learnt that our bodies are strong enough to deal with one indulgent meal and there really is no need to worry. The guilt with food is not needed. 3) Indulge with no guilt but moderately too whilst savouring it all. Changing the emotional side of food has been incredible – still working on it though :)) I’m so excited for her new book too – hopefully out in August and will be shipped to the UK!



I love how Jessica illustrates health as a lifelong journey. It is not a fad, it is not a temporary fix, and it is not something you do to promote being “skinny”. You define health as a commitment to your well being and happiness. Too often society places an emphasis on physical appearance, ignoring mental health as important; happiness goes beyond a thin stature and thigh gap. I read about you meeting your fiance at a time when you placed value on partying and socializing. I remember most your description of being unhappy and waking up feeling tired and dissatisfied with the day. I understand and know that feeling; it’s miserable.

Though I have changed my ways, @JSHealth is a positive outlet and encourages me to continue living a healthy and active lifestyle. Happiness is not a destination, it is what we find in the positive decisions we make each day. @the_goodness_project – Her honesty and authenticity about her own journey is refreshing. She inspires me everyday to put my health first and make the time in my busy schedule to look after myself. Expect great things from this incredible babe @JSHealth.



What I love about @JSHealth… Jessica Sepel has been a huge source of inspiration for me as I have reformed my outlook on nutrition, food, relationships and life. She has taught me to appreciate balance, to indulge well and to, most importantly, listen to what my body is asking of me. While my lifestyle has never been extraordinarily unhealthy, small changes have had incredible impact on my life. Rest is my new best friend, I set aside hours where I do not touch social media, I am accepting of where I’m at in terms of fitness, size and health and I have a realistic idea of how I will move forwards in those areas without depriving myself of anything else. these changes have allowed me to be, thanks to Jess, so much happier with myself and my life and a far stronger member of my family and friend to others as the result.

I adore Jess and her work for hers is a practical, personal and realistic approach to guiding us as individuals towards better health in all areas of our lives. Thank you a million times over beautiful lady for all you and your work has given me and so many others! A true ray of sunshine.



@JSHealth is an amazing woman. I read (and reread so many times!) The Clean Life Life mid last year and it has honestly changed my life in terms of my diet, wellbeing and happiness. I love her empowering and thoughtful guidance she advocates to achieve certain health goals, and her personal story and thoughtfulness have motivated me to make healthy changes. I have so much energy and haven’t been sick since, which is a complete turnaround from how I used to be. I use multiple recipes from her book every week as they are AMAZING, am much kinder to myself, and look forward to my daily lemon water!

I love how because of her shared advice and knowledge I now love my body and am living a healthy lifestyle. I’m very grateful #JSHealthYoutubeGiveaway.



You’re such a great role model, especially to someone like me who has a very similar story to you. I must admit I’m still working towards having a healthy lifestyle and feeling positively about my body but hopefully your eBook will be steering me in the right direction! I just wanted to let you know that I really respect what you’re doing and just to say thanks for proving to me that it is possible to move past these struggles.



I read your book in 3 days. It is truly amazing, inspiring, beautifully designed and so helpful. I thought I already knew a lot about nutrition, but you clarified so many things and put all the info into this book in such a logical way. You´re the first to manage that, in my opinion. I recently started my own blog (huge step – I assume you can relate) and did start an education in nutrition. I hope to achieve what you´ve achieved in a few years – you´re a great inspiration!



Thank you for reminding me that it is ok to indulge, to feel human, to prefer Pilates over slaving away at the gym. You have reignited my passion for health and my belief in myself, my mantras and that my dream life is the one I am living right now – it is in my hands. I am a miracle.



“I’m obsessed with your carrot cake and walnut loaf – decided to experiment with it a little and make them into muffins! I enjoy all of your recipes but this one is definitely one of my favs – thanks for being so amazing and inspiring.” Katie “I really loved the worksheets as I have never had those kind of discussions with myself. I think thats a really big part of this journey is reconnecting with what my body wants and listening to its needs. Young women these days I think ignore what their bodies are telling them and instead listening to what magazines or social media says about what they should be eating and how they should be exercising and I am definitely a victim of this too. Without encouragement from you to self reflect and ask myself these questions, I would never start to listen to my own body.”



Today I viewed the ‘JS Health Story’ on YouTube and I broke down into tears watching it. I’ve had a really awful conflict with my partner for the past two days and watching the video gave me so much hope. It’s so much more than just health that you give. It’s hope for a better life in all aspects. I wanted to say that I admire and love your work so much. I really look up to you. Thank you so much.



I’m not much of a reader but I haven’t been able to take my eyes off The Clean Life. Your work is incredible. I’m learning even more about nutrition and the benefits it has. Also, your recipes are amazing – simple and delicious. At the moment I have been experimenting with your protein smoothies and the step by step page is so perfect. Thanks again for sharing your story and there is no doubt you have inspired so many other women out there.



Hi Jessica,

I believe in synchronicity so when I was guided to you on FB I was intrigued and inspired. I turned 46 last week and my husband bought me your book. I wanted to thank you for sharing your wisdom in such a beautifully presented way. My copy is now filled with tabs and post it notes with actual notes throughout. I am dairy intolerant since having my gallbladder removed 15+ years ago, I don’t eat meat, very minimal gluten and was told 12 months ago my gut was not digesting my food properly so I wasn’t receiving sufficient nutrients and taking supplements would be a waste of time. My weight fluctuates tending to gain rather than lose but now I believe I have a tool to help me bring my body back into balance that I need for my health and longevity of life – so again thank you.

The first few steps to creating a stronger path forward for my health has found its foundation in your beautiful book, The Healthy Life.



I’m writing this email because I wanted to tell you how much I love your blog and how you really helped me in my health journey. Thank you for sharing all your advices and experiences. When I started my studies, I was drinking lots of coffee and I was eaten the wrong foods, and feel bad about it, I wasn’t at my best. So I had done some research on the net but at first I didn’t found advices that are for me, and then I found your blog. It was exactly what I was looking for, good advices and healthy recipes. Now I’m following your advices on rest more, and snacks between meals and prep the meals and take time for myself to reconnect with my body and let go my anxiety, etc, and I have a more balanced life and have a new relationship with food thanks to you. I bought your book and it’s honestly the best book I have ever bought. I suffer from IBS and anxiety. I have paid so much money seeing naturopaths however after reading your book and all of your tips I’m noticing so much of a difference, so simple and easy to follow. And symptoms have dramatically decreased. Also you have helped me to relax. Currently drinking the protein health smoothie!

Thank you your amazing.