A Bit About Me and My Past, Part II

I was discovering delicious recipes that I truly enjoyed. I slowly started healing my body with the information and knowledge I was learning.

In my fourth year of study I began a blog that I kept private. I was simply jotting down my thoughts about the knowledge I was learning, the way I was healing and recipes I was discovering. It was essentially my own health diary.

My partner Dean took a look at it one day and said, “Jess, you have to make this live. It could help so many young girls going through the same thing.”

And I did.

Now, I have a blog that is a full time career. And I believe it is a simple formula: I write about my passion (health and food) and I have a deep desire to help people around the world understand how good healthy living feels. I am so excited about health that I want to shout it out to the world, every day and night.

Eventually I wrote an eBook. From the foods and knowledge I was discovering through my studies. It was wildly popular, and that is when publishers started approaching me about a book deal.

So it is with a really deep sense of gratitude that I wrote The Healthy Life – because it is a manifestation of my story; a very personal story. It is humbling to know that my story resonates with so many. (And that my recipes are enjoyed by most – not all, haha.)

I never dreamt that I could wake up every day and just love what I do. But I do. Thank you to everyone who supports my work, and well done to all of you who are starting to embrace a healthier life and those who are delving even deeper into The Healthy Life – I am so proud.

Together, let’s spread this message of healthy living. Let’s celebrate how good The Healthy Life feels.

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