A Bit About Me and My Past, Part II

I was discovering delicious recipes that I truly enjoyed. I slowly started healing my body with the information and knowledge I was learning.

In my fourth year of study I began a blog that I kept private. I was simply jotting down my thoughts about the knowledge I was learning, the way I was healing and recipes I was discovering. It was essentially my own health diary.

My partner Dean took a look at it one day and said, “Jess, you have to make this live. It could help so many young girls going through the same thing.”

And I did.

Now, I have a blog that is a full time career. And I believe it is a simple formula: I write about my passion (health and food) and I have a deep desire to help people around the world understand how good healthy living feels. I am so excited about health that I want to shout it out to the world, every day and night.

Eventually I wrote an eBook. From the foods and knowledge I was discovering through my studies. It was wildly popular, and that is when publishers started approaching me about a book deal.

So it is with a really deep sense of gratitude that I wrote The Healthy Life – because it is a manifestation of my story; a very personal story. It is humbling to know that my story resonates with so many. (And that my recipes are enjoyed by most – not all, haha.)

I never dreamt that I could wake up every day and just love what I do. But I do. Thank you to everyone who supports my work, and well done to all of you who are starting to embrace a healthier life and those who are delving even deeper into The Healthy Life – I am so proud.

Together, let’s spread this message of healthy living. Let’s celebrate how good The Healthy Life feels.

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  • Clarise Terhoeven

    Love following your story – you’re a great source of inspiration for me. I have just started saving some of your recipes and plan to start my yoga classes this week. From someone who have never really done yoga and still prefer my wine and cappuccinos to smoothies and detox teas. BUT, I know that health is EVERYTHING and that my body needs some good healing ASAP. Thanks x

  • Shannon

    Thank you Jess for sharing your story and writing your book. I felt very similar growing up with my relationship to food and my body. Your book is the first book that makes sense and where healthy food is so enjoyable that I’m not craving all the other things I did before. I found especially over Easter I would see hot cross buns in the shops and think, I don’t even feel like eating it, I would much prefer to go home cut a piece of banana bread from your book together with some full fat Greek yoghurt and honey or make a cacao smoothie. I don’t feel I’m depriving my body but rather that my body is happier without all the refined sugar, preservative and other “stuff” that is in foods these days. Thank you and so enjoying all the new recipes you post on your blog and Instagram, will definitely be getting your next book (in multiple copies as I have given your current book away as gifts to many family and friends already and sure they will love the next one too)



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