A Family Practice

I want to share a quick idea with you. Something that I do each week that I just adore. I feel incredibly blessed to be able to do it; it’s the reason I fell in love with yoga.

Perhaps you could find a way to bring this to your own life…

When I first started practicing yoga, honestly…I hated it. I found it boring, too slow and frustrating. I was into hardcore exercise like spinning that got my sweat on!! Never did my nervous system too much good.

My mom had discovered the powerful nature of yoga in her own life (she’s now a certified instructor) and she arranged a lovely yoga instructor to come to the house each week so we could practice together.

Oh I dreaded Monday evenings!

I didn’t want to let my family down, though, so I reluctantly pushed through and kept showing up.

But I quickly realized…what a beautiful sight. The five of us: me, my parents, two sisters, (and puppy Frankie) on a mat all together in one room the same time each week. Yes, even my cute dad! Wow. Powerful. I could only feel gratitude.

And 3 years later I can honestly tell you…yoga has changed my life. I practice it 2 or 3 times a week now. It grounds me. Tones me. Heals me. Calms my nervous system. Balances my hormones and connects me to me….to my soul and my precious body. It brings stillness to my day. And it reunites me with my family. Amazing.

If you’ve been hesitating, I hope this will perhaps inspire you to start yoga with a best friend or a family member. It’s a great starting point, to motivate each other. It can take time. I do believe yoga requires patience in order to love and understand its inspiring nature – exactly what yoga teaches us to do.

It is truly powerful.

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