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5 Ways to Beat Afternoon Snack Cravings

07 July 2020
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1. Eat enough throughout the day!

If you’re skipping meals or not eating enough at each meal, chances are by the time the afternoon rolls around, you’re going to be starving! This often leads to overeating, or filling up on less nutritious foods which often spike blood sugar and leave you just as hungry as you were before.

Make sure you’re eating a satiating breakfast and lunch, and adding some snacks in between if needed! Then, when it comes to the afternoon snack time, you don’t end up bingeing and overeating to make up for a lack of nutritious food during the day.

2. Eat a protein-rich snack at 3-4pm the JSHealth way! 

My three fave afternoon snacks at the moment are:

– Greek yoghurt w a handful of nuts

– My protein bliss balls

– Seed crackers with cheese

Choosing a protein-rich snack in the afternoon means you’re stabilising your blood sugars, and are less likely to reach for sugary pick-me-up foods instead.

3. Include all the important macronutrients in your meals throughout the day

Eating balanced meals which include complex carbs, protein, healthy fats and fibre helps balance your blood sugar levels and keeps you fuller and more satiated throughout the day! This means when afternoon snack time hits, you’re able to choose more nutritious foods. This won’t spike your energy levels and then bring them crashing down!

4. Tune into WHY you’re snacking…

Are you eating because you’re hungry, or is your snacking driven by emotions like boredom or stress? If you are stressed, take a walk outside or do a meditation from the JSHealth App instead of snacking on whatever sugary foods you can get your hands on.

If it is hunger driving your snacking, that’s fine! Simply opt for a protein-rich, satiating snack to balance your blood sugar levels.

5. Stay hydrated throughout the day!

Dehydration can trick you into feeling hungry, as we often mistake thirst for hunger. Easy enough to prevent – simply make sure you’re drinking enough water throughout the day! Aim for at least 2L of water daily; not only will this help keep you full and feeling hydrated, it’s fantastic for your skin, metabolism, immune health…the list goes on!

Remember – there is nothing wrong with snacking! The only issues arise when you opt for less healthy snack options which can send your blood sugar levels into overdrive, or overeat sugary, high energy snacks. These tips will help you avoid reaching this point. Hope they help!

For some fantastic afternoon snack ideas, try the JSHealth App today! It contains over 500 healthy, simple and balanced recipes, as well as workouts, meditations, meal plans, a nutrition clinic and so much more!

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