Hi, my name is Jessica Sepel and I’m a clinical nutritionist, best-selling health author and founder of JSHealth. After years of suffering with fad dieting, calorie counting and body image issues, I discovered my love for nutrition and transformed my lifestyle. Instead of feeling hateful of my body, I’m now grateful for it. Instead of counting calories, I focus on nourishing wholefoods. I’m passionate about empowering people to give up dieting, throw out the scales and find balance with food for life. I’ve launched the JSHealth App to provide you access to the simple, realistic and sustainable lifestyle that has helped more than a million people revolutionise their health. Everyone should have access to qualified nutrition and health advice at an affordable price. You can have a nutritionist in your pocket for less than $3 a week!

With a world first nutrition clinic, you can access a nutritionist on demand. Use our unique in-app messaging service to text a nutritionist in the JSHealth forum. You’ll be able to view all health questions asked by the JSHealth community and get nutritionist-approved tips on diet, health, lifestyle and more.

In this online nutrition clinic you’ll enjoy exclusive access more than 52 health guides on issues such as gut health, energy, stress management, headaches, PMS, anxiety, weight balance, sugar cravings and more. Access easy-to-follow nutrition guides, daily meal plans and quick, nutritious recipes. Plus, you’ll gain access to a customisable shopping list – which collects all the ingredients from your JSHealth recipes into one shopping list – daily body love support and daily lifestyle tips to make healthy living accessible and achievable.

Imagine waking up and feeling at peace in your own skin. Imagine looking in the mirror and feeling gratitude and love for your body. Imagine feeling empowered and excited about making nourishing choices each and every day. Imagine exercising in ways that you love. Imaging feeling relaxed, refresh and ready to take on the day.

It’s time to give up dieting, deprivation and quick fixes for good. Instead, embrace a lifestyle that supports wellbeing and will give you life-long results.

I’m here supporting your journey.

All my love,



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