Are You Training for Weight-Loss or Life?

Struggling to find motivation to train in the colder months? You’re not alone!  Committing to an exercise routine, for weight-loss or for life, is all about finding a training program that really works for you – both emotionally and physically! Reminding us that ‘summer bodies are built in winter’, Ben, the fitness expert behind BeFit Training, offers his top tips to get back on track and reach those fitness goals…


Many men and women who work up the motivation to exercise do it for the purpose of weight loss.

Weight loss is a powerful motivating tool when an individual feels they’ve hit rock bottom but it’s not enough if you don’t appreciate the process.

That driving motivation will be fleeting if you don’t embrace training, simply going through the motions watching the clock for 45 minutes will see you go from exercising 3 times a week to 0.


Building physical strength, fitness and shaping the body you desire is an important aspect in personal development and becoming the best version of you.


The foundation of a successful life stems from exceeding personal benchmarks with mind and body. In training, you should constantly strive to improve, to set new benchmarks and do today what seemed impossible yesterday. The confidence and momentum gained from pushing yourself out of your comfort zone in the gym flows onto all other areas of your life.

The end result long term will be achieving the goal you set yourself when you begun, but to get there each training session must have purpose.


Your training program must be a balance of strength and conditioning with progressions every few weeks so your body and mind never becomes comfortable and your results never plateau. Pushing yourself to reach the next progression level is all you should be focused on. Whether it’s achieving a benchmark time for a 500m Row or going from air squatting to squatting with weight, those progressions are all you should be focused on.


It is easy to hit a wall but incredibly valuable to climb that wall and keep moving forward to become a more complete athlete and person.


The Top 3 excuses people use to not exercise:

  1. “I don’t have time” – Doesn’t matter if you work 60-hour working weeks, if you prioritize your health and wellbeing you will always make time each day to exercise. It simply comes down to making exercise a MUST and not a maybe.
  2. “I’m too tired” – What some people don’t realize is exercise actually fuels your body and gives you energy. Start your day with 30 to 45 minutes of training and you’ll be amazed with your productivity and energy for the rest of the day.
  3. “I hate exercise” – Those that have never really gotten into the habit of exercising fear it and build up a mental block to the thought of exercising. The key is to understand the benefits of breaking through your comfort and pushing past your perceived limitations.


Staying motivated to train in winter can be challenging but as the saying goes “summer bodies are built in winter”.


BeFit’s Top Tips for Staying Motivated:

  1. Train in a group or with a partner – Accountability to a friend or a training group is a big factor to keep you getting out of bed during those cold winter months. Staying motivated to train by yourself can be difficult and your results can plateau, so joining a training group that’ll push you is a sure way to keep you out staying under the sheets this winter.
  2. Train for an Event – Whether it be the City2Surf or a Half marathon or anything else, having an event on the horizon that will challenge you will ensure you stay driven and focused with your training. Find an event you are passionate about, you don’t necessarily have to be good at it cause that’s what training’s for.
  3. Set a Goal – Whether it be Kilograms on the scale, body fat or a training goal, being goal focused will ensure each session has a purpose. When you wake up with a plan of what you want to achieve in each session you walk in with a different mindset to when you walk in aimlessly with no goal in mind.


About BeFit

BeFit Training is personalised group-training studio catering for all fitness levels in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs. We’ve merged one on one training with group training to give our clients the best of both worlds. We develop creative and dynamic programs around our clients goals but train in a fun and energetic group environment.
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