August health essentials & products I’m loving right now

LUZ Almond Milk – Incredible non-dairy option for all of your oatmeal, smoothie and baking needs. It’s as pretty as it is healthy and delicious! Find it at

Organic cinnamon – Many of you know I LOVE my cinnamon. It’s known for its ability to stabilize blood sugar levels. I tell my clients to enjoy 1 tsp a day.

Digestive enzymes – Suffer from bloating? Flatulence? Indigestion? Give these a go. Pop one with each main meal.

Optimal Health by Patrick Holford – A fantastic read to really get you thinking about health and nutrition. Learn more about him and his work at

Natvia – A healthy sweetener alternative. Natvia uses the very best part of the Stevia plant, combined with naturally occurring nectar known as Erythritol. Learn more

Mrs. Dash – All the flavour without the salt! This is a versatile blend of 14 herbs and spices that is fantastic to enhance the flavour of chicken, vegetables, soups and salads. Find it in health food stores or online.


NuZest Pea Protein – The body needs protein to effectively cleanse. This is the perfect detox-friendly protein powder that actually tastes good! I love their green powder too – amazing to enjoy during a detox. Find it at

Bob’s Red Mill Gluten-Free Oats – Fantastic for breakfast or baking, with no cross-contamination issues so common in oats. Lots of other gluten-free flours available too! Available here.

Lara Bars – Delicious, sugar-free, gluten-free, dairy-free wholefood bars. So many clients ask me for a quick go-to snack when they simply do not have the time to make one, and these get the JSHealth tick of approval! They’re available at health food stores, online and at

Tin Pin Bakery, Bondi – The absolute best loaf of gluten-free bread. Find them on Facebook!

Heal Your Life by Louise Hay – One of my inspirations. This book really does heal your life! It offers practical ways to change your mindset and attract a happier life. Learn more about this incredible woman and her work at



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