How To Beat A Binge – You Don’t Have To Eat All The Food Now

I see this all the time with my community and own personal story. We fear there won’t be enough food – which often leads to overeating or binge eating.


Remember we are blessed to have access to food. Most of us living in the Western world have access to an abundance of food.


You don’t need to eat it all now. This statement really helped me heal my own personal relationship with food.


Many of us have a deep fear that food is going somewhere or that there will not be any left – which triggers us to overeat at our meals. We panic and feel food is scarce and that we better ‘eat it all now’. Often it is the dieters who have this mentality (or people with disordered eating). You have restricted and deprived yourself of food for so long that when you sit down to your meals you feel you need to eat it all quickly because you fear you will go hungry because of this constant deprivation. You are afraid to feel hungry again. You are afraid there wont be any food left.


Often we do this with indulgences too. We deprive ourselves of indulgent food and so when we finally get our hands on it – we find ourselves overeating or bingeing on these foods.


You may also have been brought up in a household where you were made to feel that there wouldn’t be enough food. So when you sit down to meals you have anxiety that there won’t be enough for you.


It’s ok.


Now it’s time to sit at every meal and remember how abundant food is. You can have that piece of chocolate or more of that raw treat later or tomorrow. It is not going anywhere.


Every time you sit down to your meal this week – take a big deep breath in and say this affirmation: “Thank you for my access to food. I am lucky enough to have access to food at anytime. I can have more later or tomorrow“.


See if this reduces your anxiety and overeating. My 8-Week Program is designed to help heal your relationship with food – I’m here for you, at every step. Find out more or sign up today here.

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