Beginner’s Guide to Training for the City2Surf

Ben, from BeFit, is back on the blog today – with some amazing prep tips for those racing in Sydney’s biggest race this weekend, the City2Surf. Whether you’re training for an endurance-based marathon, or just want some help upping your fitness ante, Ben’s suggestions could make all the difference to your end result. Plus, some of the best nutrition tips for before and after the race… Good luck!


The annual City2Surf is just around the corner and for many participants it’s an event they’ll be doing for the first time.

If distance running isn’t part of your training routine, the 14km run can be quite daunting especially with thousands of people alongside you.

Whether you’ve entered the race to raise money for charity or are trying to finish in a set time below is a guide to get you across the finish line injury free and well prepared for the event.


1. Get the right gear

Before you begin distance running make sure you’ve got the correct running shoes for your feet. Head to a running store and get fitted with the right pair of shoes for your feet.


2. Practice makes perfect

In the lead up to the City2Surf you’ll do just 2 long distance runs. One at the start of your preparation and then one the week before the City2Surf. Make sure you time both runs.


3. Interval training is key

Interval training is the most effective way to get fit and conditioned for an event like the City2Surf. Interval training involves short bursts of high intensity exercise with timed rest periods between each effort. With that in mind I recommend 3 to 4 interval sessions a week with a tempo 30 to 45 min recovery run on the weekend.

The interval sessions can consist of stairs or hill sprints, a rower or an assault bike. The most effective method is a 30 seconds max effort with 90 seconds recovery. For example you’d set a rower for 30/90 and aim for a certain distance each 30-second effort. You’ll then have 90 seconds to recover after each effort and repeat for a minimum of 10 sets.


4. Food is fuel

Food is also critical in preparation for an event. Make sure you’re getting a high portion of your carbs, which will assist in replenishing and repairing your body post training. Jess has some more tips for you below!

Best of luck to all participants in this year’s City2Surf!



Jess’ Nutrition Tips Before and After the Marathon


Make sure you have a high carb, low GI breakfast before the big race – to ensure you have the sustained energy you need to get through an endurance type workout like the City2Surf. Poached eggs on wholegrain toast with avocado, oatmeal with berries, cinnamon and a scoop of protein powder or my Power Protein Smoothie are all great options.

If you need a snack during the race; banana, raw nuts or one of my Sugar-Free Protein Balls are the perfect mid-run snack.

It’s so tempting to treat a big exercise event like this as an opportunity to eat whatever you like. But it’s actually so much more important to fuel your body well after you finish – you will recover faster! So make sure you have a full meal – complete with a healthy wholegrain and good quality protein. Try my teriyaki chicken or Japanese-inspired salmon with brown rice and some steamed green veggies. Your body will thank you!




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