Bust Sugar Cravings On The JSHealth Program

One of the biggest health issues people struggle with at the moment is sugar cravings! Sugar is everywhere and so detrimental to our health. One of the main reasons I created the Program is to help people break their sugar habits and find balance with their food and health. It feels so good when I hear that people are busting their cravings and getting control of their health on the Program. It really is life-changing! So happy for everyone changing their lives for the better!


“I’ve learnt to love and accept my body more through your program, which as a teenage girl in a competitive all girls school, has been hard. I no longer feel the pressure to look a certain way or have guilty feelings or anxiety about what I’m eating, mentally recording everything I’ve eaten.  I can now just enjoy food and recognise that I’m eating to nourish my body, not to punish it.”


 “feeling fantastic ! The cravings are little to none and I am making much better choices when selecting food. Doing my morning walks everyday this week and it instantly sets the mood of my day. Also, 1.6kg down in first week, added bonus ! Thank you”


“I have had a great week on week one. I haven’t eaten any sugar and everything I have eaten has been from your program and surprisingly I don’t crave sugar!!!”


” I can honestly tell you I have never felt more relaxed and happy with my diet and lifestyle because of this program.  I thought I would never be able to get out of the restriction and the binging but it’s all in the past now.  My skin has cleared up,  my hair is thicker and stronger,  I feel balanced, healthy and my sugar cravings are completely gone. You are amazing and I am so grateful!”


“Words cannot express the impact these 8 weeks have had on my life! I feel like I’m a whole new person inside and out. I’ve never felt more content in my bod than I do now. I’m happy, healthy and loving it!”


x J 


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