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Our HIIT and Tone Instructor, Cass, Shares Her Health Tips!

12 March 2020
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Cassey, also known as “The Energiser”, is one of Australia’s leading health and fitness experts. She’s full of knowledge, and adds variety and fun to every one of her workouts! Cass’ travels around the world and life experiences have made her passionate about helping others live their healthiest, most productive and energised lives.

So angels, today Cass is sharing her top four fitness tips, to help you live your healthiest life!

Cass’ top four tips are:

1. Try a fit date!
Instead of drinking vino for your next catch up with friends, get active instead. Walking dates with your bestie or partner are a great way to get your steps up, feel great and connect with an endorphin rush.
2. Use exercise as a way to FEEL good!
When you’re in a terrible mood, the best ways to shift the bad vibes are listening to music, singing, laughing and MOVING… especially dancing!
3. Breathe!
When you’re stressed and operating from flight or fight you are likely to make less healthy food decisions, and skip your workouts because you “don’t have time”! A way you can combat this is with my triple eight breathing method. Take a slow eight count inhale through the nose, then hold for eight counts and release for a slow eight counts. Repeat for as many rounds as you have time for! And remember, make your workouts a priority, and you’ll find you’re able to fit them in more often than you thought!
4. TV can be a workout.
Next time you complain about the amount of ads on TV, switch your mindset to a positive and use this time to move your body. A nice juicy stretch, a squat set or a plank hold anyone? What a great use of time!

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