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COMO Shambhala: A health retreat like no other – Part 1

12 October 2015
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I wake up in a bed so plush – you never want to leave it. The pillows are just perfection – they comfort you like a lover. In the distance I can hear the birds chirping and the monkeys playing.

I shake off my morning haze and remember I am in Bali. No – I am in Bali heaven. Really. I ask myself, “What in the world could be better than this, Jess?” And then I think – if I have to work damn hard in my life to afford this paradise, I’ll do it. I’ll do anything to experience such goodness.

The place:

COMO Shambhala Estate is a health retreat embedded in the Bali jungle. My eyes have never seen such an intense green. I can see the monkeys playing everywhere, and they reminded me to be more playful in my own life.

There is a main pool with pure white day beds – I could lie there all day long while cleansing.

Dare I forget to tell you about the rock pools that are below the property, where you can enjoy a healthy picnic followed by a massage amongst the jungle scenery. These rock pools are straight out of a postcard. This is a place to put on your bucket list.

But what I loved most: the silence. The peace in the air. My body immediately relaxed just being there. This is a truly special spot.


I have never felt so present and so conscious of the beauty that surrounded me. “This is the beauty of life,” I felt.

The program/schedule:

I personally chose to do the 3-day cleansing program that includes 2 nutritious meals per day, 3 treatments, daily yoga, a consult with a health practitioner and a personal butler.

As many of you know I believe in cleansing with food, so I didn’t do any of juice fasts that they offer. Instead I drank lots of fresh, nutritious juices throughout the day alongside meals. I chose to follow my signature JSHealth Restart Plan.


COMO Shambhala offer many different programs to choose from to suit your needs.

Every day you wake up to a morning walk around the gorgeous property or rice fields at 7:30.


You can then enjoy breakfast. The breakfast room is absolutely stunning: you look into the green jungle and it’s incredibly meditative to just sit quietly, mindfully eating your nutritious meal while looking out into the beauty of the place. This is healthy living.


Yoga or meditation typically follow breakfast, and I then relaxed and worked by the pool.


Lunch time can be enjoyed in the glow restaurant or by the pool.

The afternoon is usually for spa treatments and some restorative yoga. Heaven?

Dinner and bed – early! Heaven for sure.

I really loved how there wasn’t too much on the schedule. So often health retreats jam-pack your day with activities. I really enjoy coming to these places and truly allowing my mind and body to rest – and enjoy doing a lot of NOTHING.

The rooms:

My room was so elegant. Pure luxury.


Every room is in a “residence,” which means there is a private pool that overlooks the rice fields to enjoy with the others who share the residence. You can choose to be in your residence all day (and you can order all meals to this spot) or you can choose to spend time in the common areas.

And the outdoor shower? So sexy. Some days I had a shower 3 or 4 times it was so good!

You are assigned a personal butler for your stay – the kindest people I have met. They ensure all of your needs are taken care of throughout your stay and your daily schedule runs smoothly. I know, right? Crazy amazing.

And I haven’t even gotten to the food. Just wait – it truly doesn’t get any better. I’ll tell you all about it later this week!

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