Day On A Plate: Angela Simson

Incorporating gratitude into her everyday life has been a game-changer for health coach Angela Simson. As someone who always sees the glass half full, she’s on a mission to spread the message far and wide. We spoke to the mother of two and founder of The Gratitude Project about health, wellness and her everyday eats.


Tell us a little bit about yourself …

I’m a female health and happiness coach, writer and speaker. I’m a mumma to two beautiful little girls and the wife of my favourite man in the whole world. I’m a gratitude-loving girl who is always learning, growing and expanding. Nothing makes me happier than being with my loves, playing by the water and working with women so that they can have the happiest and healthiest lives they can.


How did you journey to practising gratitude begin?
My journey has been long, transformational and eventually led to me create a business. It all started when Bo [my daughter] was just a few months old. She had some problems with her neck, so I was driving to see the chiropractor. She was in the back of the car screaming because she hated the car. I could feel my stress levels rising and I pulled over for the fourth time to get her out and soothe her. I was frustrated as anything and wanted to cry.

I had a moment where I realised that some people would give anything to be in my situation. I had a beautiful baby girl and I was in the car taking her to see a healthcare practitioner that I could easily afford. That was my biggest stress of the day. Who on earth was I not to feel so incredibly blessed in that moment? I allowed the other factors to overshadow how incredibly lucky I really was!


I made a decision then and there to stop focusing on the discomfort and focus on gratitude. It changed everything for me. I became more present and happier within a week and over the long run, I started to see big changes in my health, relationships and life. This experience really was a life changer.


What inspired your passion for health and wellness?
There were many things that inspired my passion for health and wellness. My own personal experiences of choosing gratitude over discomfort and fear, and the profound impact this had on my health and happiness. When I became a mother, I learned how vital it is to prioritise your happiness and health. It has a huge flow-on effect on everyone else in the home. I also want to be the healthiest mum and best role model I can be for my girls.


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What miracle are you going to wish for tonight when you close your eyes to sleep? I just wanted to remind you that there is no need to do that. You are a freaking miracle just in being you, a light beam, a speck of mystical star dust in someone’s crappy day. Everything about you is spectacular from the way you don’t have to remind yourself to blink to how you smile when no one is watching… Stop waiting for the miracles, for your greatness, for things to get better and start realising that every time you focus on the power you have in you, it allows the universe to amplify and magnify all those amazing parts you’re taking for granted… Step into it, tell me below WHAT IS AMAZING ABOUT YOU? I want to see more comments than I’ve ever had before! GO…

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What’s your food philosophy?
Eat lots of food that makes your body feel good and don’t eat things that make you sore, tired or bloated – the end!

Walk us through a typical day in your life …  
Every day is different in my household. I’m always up early, but some mornings are a little more relaxed than others. It’s very easy to lose balance when you’re a mum and a business owner, but I try my best to look after myself and I put time aside to rest, get out of my head and into my heart.


My breakfast is usually a big green smoothie.  It’s so important for me to listen to what my body wants.

Lunch could be anything, such as an asparagus omelette with some kimchi. Delicious.

Dinner varies but it’s usually some form of protein with lots of roasted or steamed veggies. I make a habit of buying more veg than we need so we’re forced to eat it all. Oh, and I think that roasting is the easiest way to make everything taste amazing.


Coffee or tea?


What is your indulgence of choice? 

Alter Eco balls.


What are three foods you can’t live without? 

Chocolate, bananas and eggs.

What’s your go-to snack when you’re on the run?

Definitely my morning smoothie. I always have smoothie packs ready to go so if I’m rushed I can blitz one in under a minute.



What advice would you give to someone who is starting out on their health journey?
Learn about yourself before you take the advice of someone else. Listen to what your body needs and wants and then find a coach or guide to help you implement the changes you need to feel vibrant.


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