Day on a Plate: Dr Rupy Aujla, The Doctor’s Kitchen

Rupy Aujla is a Doctor on a mission to change the medical system for the better! He knows how important good nutrition is to health and works tirelessly to promote delicious and easy nutritional practices all backed by evidence based science. Rupy is passionate about sharing his message and supporting the future of Medical and General Practice toward a more holistic mindset by teaching just how important nutrition is to prevent and help alleviate ill-health. We love his no-dieting approach and his informative videos that show just how easy it is to cook good nourishing food. 


1. Tell us a little bit about yourself – who you are and what you do.

Hey! My name is Rupy, I’m a general practitioner in London. I do a bit of emergency medicine and I believe what you choose to put on your plate is the most important health intervention anyone can make.

About 2 years ago I started ‘The Doctor’s Kitchen”. A multi-platform resource where I create recipes and talk about the clinical research behind the ingredients I use. I’m trying to inspire everyone to look at their plates as positive health interventions and recognise the beauty of food and the medicinal effects of eating well.


"This is a constantly evolving universe of science with a rare glimmer of understanding" One of the most profound statements from all the intelligent, driven and passionate speakers was by Dr Michael Stone. And it pretty much sums up how I'm feeling right now! I've read medicine for 6 years, practiced for 8 and immersed myself in a mountain of nutritional information to get to this point. But it feels like there is so much more to learn. However, instead of feeling fatigued, this week has been galvanising. Its underpinned everything I already knew about food as medicine. It's given me a fresh perspective on how we can all tackle disease as patients ourselves and practitioners. I'll be writing a blog post about the event on my flight to Miami ✈️ so look out for it this week on Off to see my beautiful Godson and have some great Latin food 😋 with @jasongerlis and @amyrobinsoninstagram YEOW 🙌🏽🙌🏽 #whatthedoctorordered #functionalmedicine #lifestylemedicine #medicine #foodismedicine #phytonutrients #healthblogger #hbc #eatforhealth

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2. What was the ‘uh ha’ moment that inspired you to get in to health and wellbeing?

When I had my own health problems as a Junior doctor I managed to help myself by diving into the research and figuring out how my lifestyle impacted my condition. By changing simple things in my nutrition and lifestyle I was able to overcome my medical issues. I realised that a lot of patients could benefit from a doctor explaining the evidence based benefits of healthy living, so I decided to essentially preach what I practice! By taking a holistic view of the body and mind, we are able to achieve great things.


This is me in Australia! The place I left exactly one year ago today. I loved it. I spent 2 years in Sydney working in a great healthcare system alongside some amazing professionals. I met so many new people that I'm now proud to call my close friends. But despite the stunning natural beauty, fantastic work life balance and ability to skateboard wherever I wanted 😂 I chose to come back? I had a number of reasons but one of them was because I have an aspiration. I want to see if we can change the focus of healthcare in the UK from just sickness care to wellness promotion. Tomorrow on @bbcasiannetwork I'm announcing a project that I've been working on for a while and I'm nervous about telling you all but I'm excited about the challenge as well! Have a great evening and I'll catch you tomorrow for my big news! #whathedoctorordered #medicine #foodismedicine #thedoctorskitchen

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3. Talk us through a typical day in your life…

As a locum doctor working in both General practice and A&E as well as health blogging, YouTubing, attending international conferences and advocating better nutrition in medical schools, every day is completely different for me! I’ve decided to give you an idea of a day when I’m working in clinic:

I’m an early riser. I think I got that from my time living in Sydney! I tend to wake up around 6am, I sit on the edge of my bed and I say a quick mantra to myself (something along the lines of being grateful for being alive and for this beautiful day .. regardless of the weather). I then move my body. I vary my exercises throughout the week, sometimes I do stretch and yoga, other times I’ll do strength or HIIT, but I always do something for about 30-40mins. I drink about 700mls of water and get on with my morning routine. Most days I eat breakfast, but other days I do a gentle fast until midday. I vary my breakfasts all the time. Sometimes oats with nuts and seeds, fresh berries and chai spices. Other days scrambled eggs with walnut pesto and dark greens. My work schedule is variable. On clinic days I start at 830am and will work until 1pm, I’ll catch up on paperwork for an hour and then I have about 30-45mins for lunch until afternoon clinic starts. I will have seen about 18 patients by this time.


Chipotle Mushroom Pea scramble 👌🏼 Quickly sautéed some delightful Chestnut mushrooms in a light olive oil. Added 2 tsp chipotle paste, Peas coriander and when the mixture is hot throw in 2 eggs and mix through (served on a beautiful plate by @kchossack_pottery ) Loved the British Heart foundation sponsored talk @the_bhf organised by @rooted_project last night. Good to know what I say about olive oil, butter and coconut oil is on par 😆 in (very) brief summary: Eat colourful, Eat fibre, Eat on time, Eat quality fats, reduce sugars (watch out for the Rooted Project summary, I'm sure there'll do a nice diagram) Let me know if you want a FACEBOOK LIVE recipe for this one. It's so easy! And more easy recipes in my ebook (link in the bio 😉) #whatthedoctorordered #healthystart #thedoctorskitchen #doctorskitchen #chipotle #hearthealthy #hearthealth #eatyourgreens #mediterraneandiet

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My lunch is again very varied. Perhaps a Tupperware with sweet potato, homemade falafel, spinach leaves and baby tomatoes. It’s usually last night’s dinner!


Roast squash with walnut and oregano pesto, wholegrain pasta and roast purple broccoli! Not always a pretty sight eating from my Tupperware at work, but it keeps me going 😆 Pestos are my favourite thing to add massive amounts of flavour to simple greens and increase the nutrient density of a meal. Oregano, basil, Rosemary are simple accessible kitchen herbs with a ton of plant chemicals known for anti inflammatory effects and a host of other positive impacts on the body. I try and get a multitude of herbs and spices into my dishes for both flavour and function. This pesto is an easy way of doing just that, with a blend of quality oil and a touch of seasoning 👌🏼 #whatthedoctorordered #mediterraneandiet #thedoctorskitchen #doctorskitchen #colourfulfood #healthymealideas #healthyfoodie #workingdinner #tupperware #tupperwarechic #polyphenols #cookbook #foodismedicine #foodislife

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I’ll have a snack of pecans, dark chocolate and berries about 4pm as well! Whilst I see patients until about 630-7pm


Mid afternoon snack of berries, pecans and dark chocolate. Snacking is something I've gotten used to working in clinical environments. We tend to always have something in a rush that keeps the energy up like gummy sweets, biscuits and of course .. cake! Snacking well is something I try and teach patients who also live busy lives. Ingredients that will prevent sugar highs and lows and a rollercoaster of fatigue and energy. I try to suggest only eating regular during meal times, but we're all human and I'm definitely a 'grazer'! Berries, quality whole nuts and low sugar dark chocolate would probably be my go to 👌🏼 What are your favourite snacks? #whatthedoctorordered #thedoctorskitchen #doctorskitchen #healthysnacks #lifestylemedicine #grazer #berries

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I’ll head home thinking about what I’m making at home! I could have roast artichokes, sundried tomato, pine nuts, cavolo nero and gnocchi. Or this week I made myself a Jerk butternut curry with coconut milk and plantain. It really depends on my mood! I may film that recipe for my youtube channel or make it into a Facebook Live that I often post on my Facebook account. I spend every other minute of my day working on the Doctor’s Kitchen. Writing articles, blog posts and trying to achieve my dream of making culinary medicine a reality in the UK. Where we teach doctors and medical students how to cook and the basics of nutrition.

I’ll tend to stop eating by 8pm and I don’t eat late at night. I try and put my electronics away at least 1 hour before bed (but it doesn’t always happen to be honest!) I’ll try and get to bed by 1030pm.


Sweet potato matchsticks with dried fenugreek and coriander seeds with Chinese cabbage and chilli mint Peas! Feels good getting back into that kitchen making healthy dishes after a lot of heavy Bavarian food and late nights ! Me and my friend Sara @sara_r_nourizadeh went to the Terrence Higgins @thtorguk annual fund raiser last night @christiesauctions they were packing away the food and a whole bunch of mint was going to have to be thrown away. Luckily we swooped in and took a bunch 😂 I'll be having mint in everything for the next week. Go check out @thtorguk who support those living with HIV and bring awareness to sexually transmitted disease. An amazing organisation Mint is a crazy cheap and incredibly nutrient rich ingredient along with simple herbs like basil Rosemary oregano. Just because they don't have the high price tag doesn't mean they're not as powerful as ashwagaonda matcha or Yerba! #whatthedoctorordered #doctorskitchen #thedoctorskitchen #plantprotein #plantfocused #terrencehigginstrust #mindfuleating #healthyfood #homemade

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4. Coffee or tea

I would say coffee, but I only have 3-4 cups a week. I’m quite sensitive to caffeine so I hardly have a cup after 2pm and my brew is a ‘long black’.



5. What is your indulgence of choice?

Dark chocolate. I don’t think I could live without single origin 80% ! With some frozen berries and hazelnuts I’m very happy.



6. Three foods you can’t live without?

Spices (in particular fennel and cumin). Sweet potato – I have this in so many things! Puy lentils, one of the most versatile ingredients and legumes are a core feature of the Mediterranean diet.


Fuelling the creative process of writing with something simple and delicious this afternoon! Hasselback potato and whatever greens I had in the fridge with @bettinas_kitchen pickle I made last week 👌🏼 I'm lucky to have most of the next 2 weeks off clinic to write, re-write and write some more! I only have a couple of weeks to hit deadlines 😬 but hopefully I'll still be able to post as often as possible 🤞🏼👨🏽‍⚕️👨🏽‍🍳 Has anyone used @headspace to help focus? I used to meditate during med school exams to help with focus and I'm using it now to help with writing! #whathedoctorordered #foodismedicine #thedoctorskitchen #cookbook #mindfullondon #doctorskitchen #lifestylemedicine #eatforhealth

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7. What’s your go-to snack for those days on the run?

Blackberries, Pecans and dark chocolate.


Blackberry Smoothie bowl with Flax, Brazil nuts and Dark Chocolate! Starting my day with pastel colours to brighten up this day! This bowl is a huge collection of flavanols, a class of plant chemicals we find in dark chocolate, berries and even tofu. Fantastic components of your diet and one of the reasons why plenty of fruits and vegetables weekly is associated with a lower risk of chronic disease. I've added fibre with a couple of spoons of flax but you can also use whole grain Oats into the mix as well! Off to a conference @trumanbrewery today @millennial2020 should be exciting. Check out my snaps and insta stories to see how it goes! #whatthedoctorordered #foodismedicine #guthealth #mindfullondon #thedoctorskitchen #doctorskitchen #millennials #polyphenols #phytochemicals

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8. And any last words of advice or tips for those starting out on their health journey?

It’s about creating a healthy lifestyle going forward, not a short defined period of time. Enjoy your food, enjoy the beauty of living and make food a part of it.




For more of Dr. Rupy head over to his Instagram or check out his site



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