This interactive program combines the knowledge I have gained over five years of nutrition/healthy study, as well as through clinical practice and personal experience. I’m so passionate about spreading the healthy living message, and I wanted to take this further and design a program to guide you through the principles.

There is a major focus on healing your relationship with food. After years of being in practice, I believe this is the next big health concern we are facing. As I always say, you can make all the right healthy choices, but if you don’t have an emotionally healthy relationship with food and your body, you will never look and feel your best. And that is the ultimate goal. So, the program will not only help you to heal your broken relationship with food and your body, but it will also show you how to live a healthy life – forever. There are no extreme measures, just sustainable ones.


The JSHealth Program is for anyone who’s ever struggled to find balance with food and their weight. It’s for those who have tried dieting to no avail, and those who have gotten caught up in the toxic cycle of stress and emotional eating. It’s also for people who are doing all the ‘right’ things, but not seeing a difference. Lastly, The JSHealth Program is ideal for anyone who wants to embrace healthy living – whether they’ve dipped their toes into the health world or not. In other words, it’s great for beginners as well as the already health-conscious – because we all have to start somewhere.


This program will help you to:

  • To be on the path to reaching optimal health.
  • To feel like you can sustain and maintain your new healthy habits.
  • To feel in control of food.
  • To be on your way to healing your relationship with food and your body.
  • To feel at ease and at peace with your body.
  • To have a restorative and energising sleep each night.
  • To be able to eat foods with moderation – without bingeing or overeating.
  • To find your balanced weight, one you can maintain in the long-term.
  • To feel less guilt/fear/anxiety around food.
  • To have an abundance of energy and vitality to live your best life.

It includes:

  • ‘How-to’ cooking videostips and tricks which show you how easy healthy cooking should be.
  • Your personal interactive journal with weekly reflection questions from Jess to help record your progress.
  • Positive and uplifting weekly intention messages
  • The exclusive ability to submit your questions to our live forum. You can chat to people on your week so you feel supported by the people go through the same journey.
  • Expert advice on emotional and disordered eating to help you heal your relationship with food and find what works best for your body.
  • 8 Weekly Lifestyle Planners summarising your week’s plan of action
  • 60+ Resource PDFs including everything from shopping lists to food swaps and meal ideas.
  • AND 20+ videos from me. Supporting you through each week as you learn to live a healthy and balanced life forever.


What you can expect to learn:


The JSHealth Program is an 8-week online program designed to walk people through the healthy life, taking things step-by-step. There are four pillars (listed below), and each week hones in on a different topic in relation to each of the four pillars below.


These topics include how to heal your relationship with food and support for emotional/stress eating, making simple lifestyle adjustments to reduce stress and anxiety, steps to achieve hormonal balance and a thyroid protocol, gut and digestive health, and overall tips on how to achieve glowing skin, thick hair and ultimately reach your balanced, natural weight.


The program is made up of eight weeks, plus a prep week. It’s laid out in a way that is easy for you to follow.


My second book, Living The Healthy Life, acts a resource to the program. The book is where you can find all the healthy recipes to help you on your journey. Whereas the program contains ‘how to’ videos and easy recipes that demonstrate the basics of healthy cooking. There are still lots of recipes in the program too. You can read the difference between my book and program here.


You can order the book here:


How it works:


You can sign up on any day of the week and will receive immediate access to the pre-Program (‘Prep’) content. This ‘Prep’ content will help you prepare your kitchen, pantry and mindset for the start of The JSHealth Program. You will then receive the content for Week 1 on the next Sunday after you sign up. You will then receive the content for Week 1 on the next Sunday after you sign up. So, the first week is a Prep week and then the content – including recipes, videos and more – will be unlocked week by week, to keep you steadily on track!

Note: The release date is today but that doesn’t mean that today is the only day you can sign up. You can sign up anytime this week or at anytime that suits you from this day forward. Today is just the first day of sign ups – we have kept the dates flexible so anyone, anywhere can do it.

Also – you get to keep the program after completion unlike many other programs. So you can access it at anytime when you feel you need a refresh of the content or if you would like to do it again.


Plus, direct support is available at any time by emailing the JSHealth team on



Here’s a run-down of exactly what you’ll get in The JSHealth Program and how it’s going to transform your health.


In The JSHealth Program, there are four pillars. Each week hones in on a different health topic in relation to each of these four pillars;

  1. Heal Your Body – top nutritional principles and tips on how to heal your body in a holistic way.
  2. Eating with Balance – focusing on removing anxiety, fear and stress around eating for a healthier relationship with food.
  3. Lifestyle – movement, mindset and rituals with balance in mind, to help you put everything into practice.
  4. Intuitive cooking – filled with fuss free, quick and delicious recipes and cooking tips.


For the full list of The JSHealth Program’s content, click here.


So you get all this for just $149!


Today is the day to make your best life investment.


I am here with you! Let’s take this journey together.


Sign up here

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