How One Girl Overcame Negative Body Image & Obsessive Eating On The JSHealth Program

Every week, I’m blown away with the phenomenal transformations that the JSHealth community are experiencing. In this program testimonial, Jessica opens up about her battle with disordered eating and body image – something I know only too well. She unveils how the JSHealth principles have helped her develop a healthy relationship with food and how she’s discovered self-love. Nothing makes me happier than hearing how our program is impacting your lives. I’m so grateful to each and every one of you.


8-week Program testimonial: 

I’m only three weeks into your program but I’ve realised just how powerful consistent, quality nutrition is. I struggled with eating disorders for about eight years, so I thought I’d feel restricted and as if I was on a diet but I feel like I have more freedom than ever before. I’ve also discovered how life-changing meal prepping and planning is. By prepping my meals, I have so much more time and brainpower to focus on living life to the fullest.


It feels so good to say that food doesn’t control me anymore. I never thought I’d get to this point where I love myself and my body. It makes me so sad to think that I used to beat myself up for the way I looked and was so ashamed to be me.


I’ve purchased and completed online health programs before and most of them had more of a focus on exercise, as if it’s the only key ingredient for success. When I started exercising less, I realised how much my body needed it and I’ve learnt how to exercise from a place of self-love. I feel so energised, rather than burnt out and resentful of my morning workouts.


I feel so much compassion for the girl that I was back then and I feel so much pride for the woman I am growing to be. It never feels like a chore to follow your principles. It never feels like I’m trying to feed into the old eating disorder mindset of needing control. I genuinely love my body and I want to be happy, healthy and live my life to the fullest.


Thank you – not just for all of your incredible knowledge, recipes and the work you do – but for caring so much. I feel so grateful, inspired and at peace knowing that there are so many women looking up to you. You are an incredible role model and woman, and you genuinely care about making a difference in the world of health and wellbeing.


I wish that eight years ago, I was pinching at every little bit of fat I could find on my body, over-exercising, dieting, weighing myself every day, avoiding birthday parties and outings with friends. It breaks my heart to think about what I put myself through for such a long time. I have so many regrets; I missed out on what could have been the best years of my life. In depriving myself of food, I deprived myself of joy, love, connection and fun. It absolutely breaks my heart. I wish there were more people like you out there when I was 14 years old.


I’m so grateful for the movement that you are leading. There are young people out there who look up to you and might avoid a decade of struggle with body image because of you. I just am so grateful for everything you do and all that you embody.


Thank you for being real and vulnerable in sharing your story and making it your mission to help others on their own journeys. You are making a huge difference in the world and I feel so honoured and grateful to watch so many beautiful women flourish because of your passion and dedication to promoting the importance of a healthy lifestyle and self-love.


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