How Eating Dessert & Drinking Wine On The Weekends Keeps Me Balanced

Dessert Wine

I eat so well most of the time (as you guys know) but the TRUTH IS, I also indulge in not so healthy things sometimes.


Indulgence with moderation keeps me on track with my healthy life and reduces the need to overeat or binge on ‘forbidden foods’. I refuse to label food as ‘good’ or ‘bad’ because it adds a lot of unhealthy pressure to your mindset. When you give yourself permission to indulge and enjoy ALL foods – suddenly you feel that you can control how much you eat. The need to overeat disappears.


It takes time initially, so be patient. At first, you may go ‘all out’ because you have been restricting yourself with food for so long… But then, you’ll find that the need to eat in excess will start to lessen. So, I actually go out of my way to break my clean eating regime and eat imperfectly sometimes. This helps my mind and body feel relaxed with food. When we give up the restriction mentality around food – you’ll notice how much better your relationship with food becomes. Also, you may find your tastebuds change – I actually prefer and crave healthier treats nowadays. My suggestion is to enjoy 2 treats a week (healthy or unhealthy) and savour every mouthful. Remove the guilt and simply ENJOY. This is so good for the soul, you know?


After some time following the JSHealth life, you will feel the same! Let me know how you go.


Here for you!

J x


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