Emotional Eating & The Power of Self-Love

A sneak peak from The Healthy Life...

Do you want to love your body? Do you want to control your emotions? Do you want to nourish yourself from the inside out?

In my book, The Healthy Life, I talk extensively about emotional eating and the power of self-love. Healing my own relationship with food has been my biggest challenge and it was also what inspired me to study health and nutrition. I have my moments of self-doubt – I wouldn’t be human if I didn’t – but when I do, I remind myself we are all in this together. We all want the same things: love and acceptance. And that comes down to loving, respecting and accepting who you are.

  • Accepting there is no such thing as perfect.
  • Accepting you are enough.
  • Accepting you are worthy of getting everything you ever wanted.
  • Accepting and releasing the need to judge yourself.
  • Accepting that you cannot blame anyone or anything for your problems or your weight.
  • Accepting that you – and only you – are in control of your life!

You are entitled to live the best, happiest healthiest life. But to do so, you need to release the negativity and allow positive thoughts and feelings to flood in.

The more you love yourself, the easier it is to make healthier choices. In my opinion, healthy living is a reflection of how much you love yourself.

Learn more about ways to do just that in The Healthy Life, but in the meantime, here are 6 quick ways to boost your self-esteem:

  1. Do something for someone else.
  2. Look in the mirror and state one thing you love about yourself.
  3. Do your favourite form of exercise.
  4. Write in a gratitude journal.
  5. Indulge in a day of pampering.
  6. Validate someone you love – tell them how much they mean to you.
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