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Why Sicily Is One Of The Most Magical Holiday Destinations

26 July 2018
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After a crazy few weeks of app creation and launching the new JSHealth vitamin range, I was excited to head to Taormina, Sicily, on a last-minute trip. I went to meet my family, to celebrate my younger sister’s birthday. She’s currently living in London, so we don’t always get the opportunity to see her as often as we’d like. I was so appreciative to my mum who organised it all. She’s an incredible woman who, despite working full-time, really knows how to enjoy life. When she has time off, she loves to bring her family together in a beautiful location. Needless to say, I felt incredibly fortunate to join them in Italy.


While we were away, we made a point to really spend time together and be present. We checked our phones twice a day and the rest of the time we were chatting, connecting and spending good quality time together. We had the most beautiful week together. It’s these kind of moments that we hold in our hearts forever.


I’ve travelled throughout Europe and Italy, but I have to say that Sicily is one of my favourite destinations. Everything about it was incredible; the food, the people and the scenery. It’s also quite rustic, untouched and felt very authentic. It’s such a beautiful, romantic place. I was walking through the beautiful streets and saying, “I can’t wait to be here with Dean [my husband] one day.” It’s the perfect honeymoon destination.


Here’s my little run-down of my favourite places to eat, drink and explore in Sicily.



For lunch: La Cambusa on Naxos beach and Manna in the old town of Notto.

For dinner: Vicolo Stretto, Malvasia, Barcaiolo, Da Giovanni and Rosso Divino. They were all so delicious. Malvasia was an absolute favourite. It’s a little restaurant run by a mum and dad. It’s the best service and food. I loved their sea bass and vegetables.

For gelato: CBG, just near Hotel Belmond Sant’Andrea – the best coconut and hazelnut gelato I’ve ever had!



We stayed at the Belmond Hotel Sant’Andrea located on the beach in the main town of Taormina. The main town is a seven to 10-minute drive, but it’s just magical. It’s a tad pricey, but worth it.



A sun hat, bathers, sandals, casual beachwear, a good book, a podcast, probiotics and, of course, my JSHealth vitamins to keep me energised throughout the day.



  • A visit to the old town of Noto
  • Lunch and boat ride to La Cambusa on Naxos beach
  • A visit to the town of Syracuse – to explore some of the historical architecture and the Duomo


Sicily is definitely one European destination for the bucket list.

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