My Favourite Tool for Easy Healthy Living

02 October 2017
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Healthy Living

This is the absolute best tool that I use to make living a healthy life easy is… Preparation!


If you have a fridge full of good food such as ready to go snacks and yummy wholefood ingredients just waiting to be made into a delicious meal, you’re far more likely to eat well, feel good and have less stress. A healthy life is all about ease and enjoying your food and cooking. Follow these tips and enjoy a healthy, easy, nourishing week!


1. Commit to a Sunday shop – or any day of the week that suits you to stock your fridge and pantry with healthy produce to enjoy.


2. Always carry healthy snacks with you. If I do not have access to a healthy snack/meal when I am hungry, I am more likely to make a poor food choice. I usually carry with me: raw nuts, JSHealth protein balls, a protein bar, a homemade seed/nut slice, carrot sticks, 85% dark chocolate, berries or green apples.


3. If you do not have time to eat breakfast – set aside an easy option the night before such as JSHealth Bircher muesli, breakfast balls, Greek yoghurt with berries and nuts or boiled eggs to take with you.


4. Always eat something satiating before you head to a social event or work event. Arriving at an event somewhat satiated allows you to feel more in control of your food choices – making it more likely to make a healthy food choice. I always have a protein rich snack before I go out to an event – JSHealth protein smoothie, or protein balls or Greek yoghurt/cottage cheese with cinnamon or veggie sticks with tahini or couple of boiled eggs.


5. Make a batch of healthy sweet treats so when you have that craving, you have something nutritious and satiating to look forward to. I love doing this on a Sunday afternoon and keeping it in my freezer for a healthy indulgence.


6. When you eat out – never arrive too hungry. Again – I always have a JSHealth 4-5pm protein rich snack that keeps me full and so when dinner rolls in – I can control how much food I eat and I seem to eat less. When I arrive at dinner starving, I tend to overeat.


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