Forgiveness will heal your body

“Holding onto anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.”

I have never forgotten this quote by Buddha. I first heard it from Oprah Winfrey, who has been a long time mentor. It is one of my biggest dreams to meet her – just putting it out there, you know how I feel about manifestations!

I’m known to be a little Oprah obsessed. For the last 15 years I have watched an Oprah episode every single day of my life, right around 5pm. Can you believe it? Yes – I repeat old episodes. I feel so familiar with her she almost seems like a friend! She has been an inspiring teacher on my life journey.

The above quote really resonated with me. I often think of it when I feel a sudden pang of anger or resentment – which, thankfully, is rare these days. I had to make a decision.

A decision to take care of myself.

This meant I had to forgive myself and all the people I was feeling so angry at.

This is not easy. But it will change your life.

And when I did this…my health started to blossom.

I realized that, in the end, the only person who was getting hurt and the only person who was bearing the brunt of these feelings was me.

A few years ago I was drowning in anger. My life had become one big angry mess.

I held onto huge amounts of resentment. My body literally ached from it. I was holding onto toxins from anger, and I believe this will always contribute to illness.

I held onto such anger towards my then-boyfriend and continued to hold onto it for years after we broke up. It started to eat me alive. And what was the point? It only ever hurt me, not him.

I was feeling angry at my friends for not supporting me.

Angry at my mom for not being more available to listen to me.

Angry at my life for being complicated. “Why me?” was my living mantra.

And the worst thing was…I was angry at myself for not loving myself enough. I felt so guilty for not having enough strength.

Of course, this only ever attracted more things to be angry at! The Law of Attraction is powerful. Powerful!

Now this does not mean we won’t forget those who hurt us, nor does this mean people have a right to hurt us. Their behavior is not excused.

But when they see US doing the right thing, taking care of ourselves and our dignity they will learn it. They will see more clearly where they went wrong.

We must let it go. Forgive. Learn from this behavior. It is here to teach us a lesson of how NOT to act.

Today I simply want to invite you to forgive with me. Because the only person suffering from this is you and me.

I forgave and my world changed. My body healed.





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  • this post reasonates so much with me.I feel exactly the way you describe to have felt in the past,angry at others but mostly myself.for not being the way i wish i was,and not accepting myself the way i am,if only i knew who that was.
    reading your blog always makes me realize something,it makes me feel better about myself or simply pushes my thoughts in the right direction. I hope to one day be as content with myself and my life and inspire people as you do. Thank you!

  • Renee

    I too am an Oprah student. She would be proud. You got it 😉

  • Bella

    I think that this is a big issue for me since for a few years my body is actually aching and I believe it i because of stress, hurt and anger and frustration. And it scares me. Do you have any advice on how to start this process of forgiving, like steps or things you can do to be able to let it all go?




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