From Vision to Reality – How I Manifest My Dream Life, Part 2

So – what did I do to manifest my dreams?

 With my body:

  • Since I began my healing journey, each day I spend 5-7 minutes in gratitude for my body while visualizing the body I desire. I feel incredible gratitude for my body. I literally say to myself, each morning as I open my eyes:

 “Thank you for my balanced hormones.”

 “Thank you for my comfortable weight.” “

 “Thank you for my optimal digestion.”

 “Thank you for my strong arms and legs.”

My body listens to my thoughts and manifests them. These affirmations are powerful, and my body loves me for them. My body loves me back.

  • I literally mediate on my dream body. I picture the body of my dreams each night before bed. When I had just started my healing process I used to actually look at a picture of the body I desired and say, “with the power of my thoughts, I can create the body I desire.” The Gabriel Method really inspired me to do this. I definitely recommend his book if you have a broken relationship with food and your body. I say over and over, “My body is healing.” “I am naturally healthy, at a weight that is right for me.” I said this because for most of my life, I told myself I was not thin enough. The affirmation that my body is right where it is supposed to be has been incredibly freeing.

With my business: 

  • Everything about the JShealth brand has truly been an organic tale. I simply started writing about my story and the foods I was eating. Everything happened naturally from there – but there was a secret behind this. It didn’t “just happen.” I had a vision. I had a strong dream about the kind of career I wanted to have. I have dreamt of it since I was a little girl (dream big!) and I kept imagining myself living my dream job. Through my self-healing, I began telling myself I was worth it. I was worth having a successful business. But more importantly, one that I would wake up each day and feel excited about. I never let anyone tell me otherwise – and they tried!
  • Just the other day I was saying to my PR girls that I would love to trial out the new Eco friendly Ford car. I pictured myself driving this car. The very next day, Ford contacted me to test drive their car. We are still freaked out! Oh and I am LOVING the EcoSport Ford.
  • I still have moments when I doubt my capabilities and myself. When I doubt it, something knocks me even more and I have to shift my mentality; remind myself of my vision. I swap that “negative” thought to something like “you are worth it and you can do it.”
  • I also believe that if you feel you are financially strained, you will always continue to attract situations that keep you strapped. Each day I state to myself “abundance flows to me” and “I will always be financially safe.” I continue to have a vision for the JShealth brand and I believe it will come alive. Because “the universe is on my side.”

With my personal wishes:

Until I met my partner Dean, I literally would visualize my dream partner and living my dream life with him. I could close my eyes each day and imagine it. I was also doing a lot of self-healing work (therapy, yoga, meditation, reading) to build up my self-esteem so I could believe I was good enough to receive my dream partner. This is a huge part of the secret.

I also pictured the home I wanted to create with him. I visualized it. I felt the feeling of living in it. I believed I would live in it. I literally created a folder that said “Dream Home Ideas” with the very street I wanted to live on. Just last week, we bought a place on that street. I believe I manifested this dream.

So, my friends, dream big. Think positively. And believe you are worth the life of your dreams. You are SO worth it.

I encourage you to believe in the power of vision boards. All of the above can be manifested in the form of a vision board. Tell me – what is on your vision board? What are you manifesting for yourself?

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