Gap Year tricks to stay on track

Gap year: one of the most exciting adventures you may ever have. And while it’s a time to learn, explore, and absorb everything the world around you has to offer, it’s also a good time to get in tune with your body. Keep your health and wellness a priority with my tips, and get the most out of your gap year!

  • Drink 2-3 liters of water a day.
  • Purchase a multi-vitamin if you can.
  • Always opt for the healthiest option possible.
  • Let go of the mentality that you are allowed to eat as much junk as you like because “it’s my gap year!” Your body is far more important than that. It should never be negotiable. Health comes first always!
  • Have a treat 1 time each week. Whatever country you are in, try to eat something indulgent and unique to that country, otherwise you may find yourself craving and bingeing on it. Sit down with it, eat it slowly and ENJOY.
  • Do not worry so much! If you do not eat a good meal, don’t think about it too much. Stress = weight gain.
  • Keep your body moving. Don’t worry too much about “exercising,” just aim to keep your body moving for 30 mins a day. Try a walk, yoga or stretching.
  • Make sure your breakfast is protein rich e.g.: egg based, cottage cheese, natural yoghurt, nuts/seeds.
  • Do your best to have a protein and fat (good fat like avocado) component with each meal for blood sugar control.
  • Each meal must contain a protein, good fat and complex carb (dinner can be without the carb if you are drinking). You won’t always be able to find a healthy meal, but choose the best possible option. Most cafes will have plain chicken breast/feta/egg – add that to a salad plus olive oil.
  • The largest portion of the plate should be salad/veggies at each meal.
  • Avoid starch at night (after 4pm) if you are trying to lose weight.
  • Carry snacks on you at all time to ensure you keep blood sugars stable. Eat every 2-3 hours – enjoy protein rich snacks like nuts and seeds/yoghurt/cottage cheese/egg/veggies with hummus/protein bars/berries/popcorn/apples/rice cakes/dates.
  • Avoid creamy salad dressings (packed with sugar and trans fat) and try an olive oil and lemon based blend. Or, sprinkle a minimal amount with your fork.
  • CHEW YOUR FOOD. Stop inhaling it.
  • Practice mindful eating. I am committed to sitting down and eating my meals in a calm state for optimal digestion and absorption. It helps you listen to when you are full.
  • When drinking, choose gin/vodka. Have it with soda water and fresh lime.
  • Avoid excessive caffeine, soy and artificial sweeteners.
  • Switch of all technology by 9pm and put your phone on airplane mode- away from your head. Please!
  • Practice deep breathing every night before bed to balance your nervous system. When you are stressed/anxious you will put on more weight. Aim for 20 diaphragms breaths morning and night.
  • Spend 30 minutes a day alone. Write down your health goals and 10 things you are proud of from that week. Not only will it help you focus, it will be wonderful to reflect back on!
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