NEW JSHealth Program Transformations

Glowing skin, feeling good in your body, having energy to get through the day happy and motivated, sleeping soundly and healing your body and your mind! All without restriction or fad dieting. I love what the Program gives, it’s so nourishing and supportive. So happy to hear people taking control of their health and happiness!

*Reminder* We are having our biggest program sale ever, starting this Sunday the 14th for three days only!! 


“This Program was exactly what I needed to get back in track! My friends ask me what I did because they see me glow! You are the best!”


“Now that I am following the JSHealth way of eating more regularly throughout the day, I’m able to avoid eating after dinner and instead relax and enjoy my tea! No more deprivation and trying to ‘make it’ to the next meal.”


“I am in week 2 and feel a lot calmer with food and prepping/planning more, making better choices and thinking about what I want to eat. I don’t feel as hungry, not having the 3pm slump nor am I craving as much sweets.”


“I’d like to say that I have really enjoyed this program. The food involved was exactly the kinds that I was already used to eating, so I was very excited to find a program that used the ingredients I love and gave me a bunch of new recipes that I knew I would enjoy. The focus on stress and the relationship with food gave me a huge sense of relief and I immediately felt much less alone with my struggles.”


 “I can’t remember a time I’ve felt this good. My clothes feel looser and I have more energy each day – not to mention, the recipes are so delicious!”

J x


Pssssst. You can now pay week-by-week for the JSHealth Program – only $18.63 a week! – click here

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