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Those of you who follow me regularly know that I have a lot of long, thick hair. I credit it to my high mineral intake – not a bad problem to have, but something that requires regular care and maintenance!

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An active lifestyle isn’t always conducive to free-flowing locks, so I find myself tying my hair up most of the time. To avoid the damage that can be done by hair tools, I refuse to use anything but the best. And after trying out lots of different hair ties, I’m so excited to tell you about Scunci. Their super cute and funky products are soft, comfortable and perfect for my active life – goodbye damaged, unruly hair!


Whether it’s during my daily meditation practice, cooking up a storm in the kitchen, or in an Epsom salt bath, I love using the Knotted Active Ponytailers. They’re perfect for every day use and designed not to tug or pull. They’ve come to represent my daily rituals of unplugging and de-stressing – and they also remind me to get into my active wear and enjoy some healthy movement!



I can’t go to Pilates class without a soft, colourful Luxe Basic Stretch Headwrap, and the fabulously reversible Active No Slip Grip Headwrap is perfect for high intensity workouts, Who doesn’t want to feel trendy while they sweat? The bright pink is a must have! Scunci’s even got you covered for evening jogs – their No Damage Reflective Elastics come in a reflective detail style, too.



My clients in clinic have been commenting on how cute they are – and if they’re fans, I needed to share the love. You take care of your body, and Scunci will take beautiful care of your hair!

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