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This Sunday, we are giving $50 off the JSHEALTH PROGRAM… Yes, you heard me! We are celebrating Spring with an incredible JSHealth Program Sale – to help you feel your absolute best before the holiday season comes in! Due to the large numbers of people doing this program, we didn’t think we should be doing a sale, but truthfully having seen the jaw dropping transformations lately, I have been feeling the desire to give everyone a chance to experience life-changing results on this Program – to feel confident, healthy, energetic and light in your own body again.


I understand this Program can be a big investment and so I hope this gives you the chance to finally take the leap to living your best and healthiest life because you really do deserve it.


For the first time since the release of the Program, we are offering $50 OFF + an exclusive Clean Treats eBook containing new and healthy sweet treats and, by popular demand, the JSHealth Cacao Pop recipe – this is HUGE.


The Program also contains my signature cleanse in Week 6 + an incredible meal plan containing recipes that will help you to experience clear skin, improved energy, clean liver, better gut health and weight balance – helping you feel amazing before holiday time.


DIARISE IT. 1st October 2017. You deserve to feel your best!


“I love this Program because I know it will tackle everything from stress to skin to sleep! A real saviour!”


“The best part of the Program for me? I’m still dropping weight! 7.5kg and more to go. It’s been 7 weeks of consistently eating your recipes and exercising with a bunch of self-love thrown in for good measure.”


“Since starting your Program, I’ve felt incredibly calm. Everything just seems to be easy & good! And I love eating sweet potato without guilt. I just stress less about everything which makes me a much happier person.”


“I now feel amazing both physically and mentally, I have so much balance and clarity!! So so happy.”
“Its a wonderful supportive program that I feel very engaged with. I would recommend this to anyone and everyone!”


“The cleansing on week 6 was truly amazing, my body is responding SO well to the program as a whole and I am so grateful!”


“Your Program has helped me get back on my health and wellness path and stay on it again after ten years of trying! I’ve lost 6.8kg so far and still dropping while feeling fitter and healthier every day. You saved my life.”



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