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I have received so much powerful feedback this week from the JSHealth Program. I am so blown away by the incredible and life-changing healing that is happening every single day. I can’t stop smiling, it’s so amazing to be able to help so many heal their food relationships and create a healthy, stress-free life!


“I’m loving this program, thank you so much! I’m just starting week 3 and I’m feeling so much better about my relationship with food! I’m not where I want to be yet, but I’m working so hard to try and eliminate my food anxieties and fears, so far it has been so successful! I suffered from bulimia for 7 years and have come so far in my recovery. Being able to eat 3 full meals and 2/3 snacks everyday without regret makes me so proud of myself! So excited to see where I’m at in after the next 5 weeks!”


“I began this journey struggling greatly with my relationship with food. Even throughout the program there were times where I felt myself fall back into bingeing habits. But last week (week7) was life changing. I became organised. I started being more mindful & actively practicing all the amazing ‘love yourself’ tips that Jess has given us and for the first time in what feels like the longest time it has clicked. I am truly beginning to love myself again and this program has showed me that needs to happen from the inside out! Jess’ program is truly life changing”


“Thank you! I really am proud, there are obviously some good/bad days but this is absolutely the best mindset about food I’ve ever had. My boyfriend has noticed how calm I’ve been about eating so often, and how much better my anxiety has been! It’s seriously so incredible how useful a structured way of eating can be for the mind and body!”


“I can’t believe it.  I have always been healthy but struggled with binges and restriction. however,  I haven’t had a problem with them since starting the program. I have bought both of your books and just can’t even express how grateful I am!  I don’t even want to eat take out anymore I just want to go home and cook your recipes!”


“Most amazing transformations happening already in week 3. Totally relaxed, no cravings, satisfied after every meal, skin clearing up, and less stress!!”


“Thank you for developing such a great program. You have helped me a lot. I have had issues with eating for years. I have been addicted to calorie counting and then over exercising and then not eating at all. You led me through the healthy way of living, you can’t imagine how much it means to me.”



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