The Healing Power of Aromatherapy + 7 Essential Oils You Can’t Live Without

Rachel Holm is our resident JSHealth Expert on all things natural healing – essential oils, DIY beauty rituals, self-care, chakras, energetic recalibration – the list goes on! She is also the co-founder of  HANAKO therapies, an all-natural range of organic essential oils that embrace the power of raw essences to support, balance and uplift the mind, body and spirit – making her the perfect person to tell us all about the power of aromatherapy and essential oils! Enjoy x


Aromatherapy has been around for thousands and thousands of years where aromatic plants and plant medicine played a central role in healing to humankind. Many cultures used the powerful benefits of essential oils and plant medicine to restore health and wellbeing.




The raw energy and complexity of essential oils cannot be duplicated in synthetic scents, this is what makes aromatherapy an actual therapy. You are working with the actual energy, essence and healing properties in a concentrated form of the actual plant when using unadulterated pure essential oils.

While different scents in life may capture a memory, it is only the gift of pure essential oils that can actually have an impact and effect on the physical, mental, emotional, psychological, physiological and spiritual well being.


This can be through topical application where the essential oils absorb into the skin, penetrating the skins surface and entering the bloodstream where this action promotes healing inside as well as out.


Another way is through inhalation where as you inhale, particles of the essential oils travel down the windpipe and enter the lungs which then carry into the blood stream allowing the healing properties to take effect. It also takes just a few seconds for scent to have an effect on the limbic system, part of the brain that is also known as the “emotional brain” where we contain our stored memories and emotions. This also connects to the parts of the brain that controls blood pressure, heart rate, stress levels, hormone balance and breathing. Essential oils can have a powerful effect on our emotional state assisting movement to a positive mindset and encourage health and wellbeing.


The use of aromatherapy in the home and on oneself can be a great step into creating a tranquil sanctuary for yourself and your environment. By cutting out synthetic scents and chemicals you are helping to restore balance and bring the body state back to base and harmony.


Feelings of fear, stress, anxiety and overwhelm are very common in today’s society and if you think about it, the pace of the world appears to be getting faster and faster, so it is no wonder that by the end of the day we are left feeling stressed, anxious and slightly overwhelmed.


So next time you are feeling stressed, rather than letting the feelings escalate try turning to some pure essential oils and create your own mindful calming practice.




Some of the most soothing and calming essential oils are:


Frankincense: Supports in calming and centering the mind. Promoting clarity and encouraging higher states of consciousness.


Sandalwood: Relaxing and uplifting, it encourages “higher” states of consciousness and deeper meditation.


Lavender: Relaxes and calms the body and mind. Balances and soothes the emotions and chakras and helps to restore balance to the auric field.


Neroli: Good for alleviating anxiety, fear and being held. Encouraging harmony and soothe depression and can assist in releasing suppressed emotions and instilling comfort and strength.


Rose: Helps in healing emotional wounds and brings warmth to the soul.


Melissa: Calming and uplifting. Assists in balancing the emotions and inspires universal love.


Chamomile: Traditionally known as a calmative. Chamomile is deeply relaxing, soothing and comforting, helping to ease any nervous tension being held. Encourages harmony and smooth flow of vital energy. leaving one with a sense of wholeness.




To Use: try placing a few drops into a carrier oil and applying to pulse points. Or place a few drops into a bowl of hot water and place a towel over the head and use as a facial steamer, allow yourself to take long slow breaths.


Carry some in your handbag and at the first signs of stress and anxiety creeping in take it out and take some deep breaths inhaling the calming scent. If you have a diffuser in your home place 5 to 10 drops of oils of your choice and let the home fill up with tranquillity.


A very simple yet favourite in our house is a blend of sweet orange and lavender. It is relaxing and uplifting. Almost immediately you’ll feel lighter and centred, another way I can describe it is “….aaaahhhhh”.


At Hanako Therapies we have a few specific blends that can help soothe, calm and harmonise the energy specifically when dealing with stress, anxiety and overwhelm. “I AM…Balanced”, “I AM… Bliss” or our Meridian blends.  The “I AM’s…”are great for overwhelm and anxiety helping to bring mindfulness to your day. Incorporating pure essential oils, gem and flower essences, crystal infused water, affirmation and mantra, these elixirs were crafted as a holistic approach to shift and transform moods. These can be worn as natural perfumes or sprayed over the crown of the head or into rooms. Our meridian blends are self nourishing ritual that work through the use of pure essential oils, affirmations and acupressure points. A great one for getting the energy out of the head and down to the feet is the Kidney meridian blend. The oils used and points pressed help to harmonise and balance the energy of the kidneys. When Kidney energy is out of balance we may suffer such symptoms like anxiety, depression, panic attacks and feelings of overwhelm.




There are so many benefits to this beautiful ancient healing therapy and I can only highly recommend that you try it for yourself. We all deserve a true sense of peace, and while it is all part of a bigger picture, the secret begins with looking after ourselves and our own wellbeing. Doing things that nourishing, fulfilling and in line with our hearts. In challenging times, turn to the Earth and all that she offers and see what happens for yourself. It’s magical!


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To find out more about Rachel and Hanako, visit or follow HANAKO on InstagramRead her Day on a Plate here!

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