Healthier & Happier On The JSHealth Program

These testimonials are honestly what I live for. Seeing what an incredible difference the Program is making in each of your lives – it’s mind-blowing for me. I am SO proud, every single day.


Keep doing what you’re doing JSHealth girls and guys – I can’t wait to see what these next few weeks bring!


x J (pssssst. you can now pay week-by-week for the JSHealth Program – only $18.63 a week! – click here)


“I’m just starting Week 3 and feel so much better about my relationship with food. I’m working so hard to try and eliminate my food anxieties and fears, and so far it has been so successful. I suffered from bulimia for 7 years and have come so far in my recovery. Being able to eat 3 full meals and 2/3 snacks everyday without regret makes me so proud of myself! So excited to see where I’m at in 5 weeks.”


“I’ve lost 6kgs and I feel so connected to my body. More than I ever have. It’s like I’m a child again, trusting my body without fear.”


“I began this journey struggling greatly with my relationship with food. But last week (Week 7) was life changing. I became organised. I started being more mindful and actively practicing all the amazing ‘love yourself’ tips that Jess has given us. I am truly beginning to love myself again and this Program has shown me that needs to happen from the inside out!”


“Great! Feeling so much more relaxed and thriving on your delicious recipes. That 4pm snack has replaced my after school habit of eating the candy I buy as rewards for my kids. We’re all in it together and Jess’ advice has been truly life changing – just stick to it!”


“I’ve learnt to love and accept my body more through your Program which as a teenage girl, in a competitive all girls school, has been hard. I no longer feel the pressure to look a certain way or have guilty feelings or anxiety about what I’m eating. I can now just enjoy food and recognise that I’m eating to nourish my body, not punish it.”


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