Healthy (and Unhealthy!) Habits Of The JSHealth Team + A NutriBullet Giveaway!

Nobody’s perfect. It’s truly something I have learned to accept in my health journey. We all have our healthy habits – our greens with every meal, ritual 8 hours of sleep or daily practice of yoga. But we also have our unhealthy habits – maybe it’s hard to switch off before bed, you spend too much time on social media or check your phone too often! That’s life!


At JSHealth we know how important balance is and thought we’d tell you some of our own healthy (and unhealthy!) habits. I would absolutely love you guys to take on the challenge and come up with your own lists – it can be so helpful to work out your personal strengths and things you could improve on!


So head to my Facebook page and leave a comment with 1 Healthy and 1 Unhealthy habit. It can be as big or as little as you like… However the most HONEST answer will win a brand new NutriBullet!!



Jess’s Healthy Habits


I always ensure that I have green with every meal, some of my absolute favorites are broccoli and brussels! You guys know I love my morning piccolo ritual but I never have more than 1 coffee a day to ensure I get a full 8 hours of restorative sleep. I also switch off from social media at 6pm and get into my SFZ! This always helps for a peaceful sleep. Finally, yoga has become a daily practice for me, if I don’t get to a class I will practice at home. This really, really helps with my anxiety and stress.


… and Unhealthy Habits


I am guilty – as so many of us are!! – of checking my emails some mornings. My usual rule is no phone/emails/social media until after my morning routine. Sometimes I’m on my social media more often than I should be! I also love eating in restaurants on weekends – they aren’t as clean as I would make at home but I do believe this is all part of a balanced lifestyle. I also love a glass or two of champagne on the weekends with my girls… balance! I still sometimes feel guilty/anxious around food during travel. My old demons seem to pop up, however I now have the tools in my box to deal with them properly.

Olivia’s Healthy Habits


I drink a lot of water/tea to keep hydrated and try to workout at least 3 times a week – I go with friends and I find it keeps me motivated and means I can’t make an excuse with myself not to show up! I’m also really careful with what I put on my skin – I try not to wear too much make up and use a pure Rosehip Oil (Trilogy is great) as a moisturizer and eye makeup remover.


… and Unhealthy Habits


I’m guilty of eating out a little too often and I’m also on my phone a lot.. between 6-7 hours a day, which probably isn’t the best! I find it quite hard to switch off from work because I love what I do, but on Sunday’s I’ve started turning my phone off and having some down time. I’ve actually found it clears my thoughts and gets me inspired!

Sarah’s Healthy Habits


I try (emphasis on try) to meditate for 15 minutes every morning – I like the Headspace app for a bit more guidance. I’m also a big fan of mindful indulgence – I call it my ‘Treat yo’ self’ philosophy. I also make sure to move my body every day – whether it’s yoga, pilates, or a run (who am I kidding…) / walk down to the beach. Also, daily appreciation of nature… So important for health; mental, physical and spiritual! And finally, maybe embarrassingly but unashamedly, tongue scraping. Sounds gross, but once you start, you won’t stop. Cleans toxins and bacteria from the tongue and promotes overall digestive health!


… and Unhealthy Habits


Checking my phone all the way up until bed – need to learn something from Jess and incorporate a little more SFZ into my life! I’m also a keen (verging on obsessive) Pinterest-er, especially at university. It’s such a time sink, but also such a guilty pleasure. I compare myself to others a little too much. I’m often time poor and forget to prioritize self-care and TLC as a result. And finally, I watch Downton Abbey way too much. Probably more embarrassing than tongue scraping and it ages me 20 years with every episode. But I can’t stop.

Isabella’s Healthy Habits


I always make sure my daily food intake consists of 70-80% veggies! I also wake up to my morning tonic – lemon juice, ACV, and cayenne pepper, gets my metabolism firing! I’m a big believer in sweating daily – go for a long run or walk, get to a barre or pilates class, or going for a hike on weekends is a favourite! I have a diligent skin routine – face and body and I never skip this! And lastly, daily gratitude for everything – This is a super important one for me, I do this when I am walking or running and when I get into bed at night. I really notice changes!


… and Unhealthy Habits


I am guilty of spending too much time on social media – anyone close to me can vouch for this. Also, chocolate almonds and Messina are my ultimate indulgence! Body shaming/comparing myself to others – constantly working on kicking this out of my life. I’ll also sometimes breach my 1 coffee/day – I’m blaming this one on uni. And I still haven’t yet made the switch to 100% natural skin care products – I’m almost there!


Can’t wait to hear your habits – healthy and unhealthy! Remember to enter on Facebook by clicking this link…

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