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When it comes to healthy living, takeaway food should be as non-frequent an event as possible. Home cooked meals are definitely the best option. If you eat takeaway food once or twice a week, do not stress – your body can handle it and you can make choices that are relatively healthy.

Below are some tips for what to choose and what to avoid:

Modern Australian

Good options include:

Lean protein (grilled, steamed, barbequed), with a side of green vegetables/green salad. Optional – Small serving of starch: brown rice, quinoa, sweet potato on the side.


Fried foods and creamy dressings. Ask for salad dressings on the side.


Good options include:

Miso soup, edamame beans (occasionally – limit intake of soy products) + slices of sashimi (white fish is best) + 1 x sushi roll with rice + fish/chicken (brown rice where possible!)

I recommend sushi to be eaten no more than 2-3x/week due to high levels of mercury.

Or sashimi salad (with seaweed and avocado)

Or chicken/beef teriyaki with Asian vegetables – sauce on the side (use sparingly)


Tempura dishes, mayo and heavy sauces


Good options include:

Lean protein (chicken/seafood) stir-fry with colorful vegetables (steamed or grilled), Soup with rice noodles and protein (rice noodles are gluten free)


Dumplings, spring rolls, fried meats. Request food to be cooked in less oil.


Good options include:

Grilled chicken breast/veal/steak with steamed or grilled veggies (broccoli, cauliflower, green beans) + Italian green salad.

If you are a pizza lover: Choose thin crusted base (gluten free if you can) and ask them to make it without cheese or less cheese if that is not possible.  Add lots of vegetable toppings e.g.  tomato, mushrooms, capsicum, onion etc.


Creamy pasta dishes, processed meat toppings + thick bases with heavy amounts of cheese.


Good options include:

Lean protein (fish, chicken, beef) with vegetables such as bok choy and Chinese broccoli – incredibly nutritious.

Steamed fish with ginger and Asian vegetables

When it comes to stir-fries – look for the ones made with lime, lemongrass, ginger, basil, chili and garlic. If possible, ask for the sauce on the side to use sparingly.

Choose from the soups/salad list. I love Tom Yum soup , Papaya salad with lean protein or a Thai beef salad.


Spring rolls, chicken wings, money bags, satay sauce.


Good options include:

Chicken Tikka/ Tandoori chicken (oven baked or grilled are going to be your best options) with a side of vegetables. Option to include small portion of brown jasmine or basmati rice.

Roti is a better choice than Naan bread.


Creamy curries, fried foods and gravies. Request the food to be cooked in less oil.


Good options include:

Vermicelli salad with beef/chicken

Soup with rice noodles and chicken/beef

Rice paper rolls

Vietnamese style salad.


Fried foods, creamy sauces.

Fish and Chips

Good options include:

Grilled fish with grilled/steamed veg and a green salad


Fried Fish, tempura dishes, hot chips.

See more tips here 


One small health change a week can make a huge difference to the body, so treat every day as a chance to make a small change.





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Posted on May 16, 2017

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  • Jess, thank you very much for such helpful information! Nowadays, it’s pretty challenging to find healthy food outside of home, but your tips are great.

  • This is a really handy list! I’ve especially struggled with Asian dishes as with the unfamiliar names its sometimes hard to know what you’re getting.
    One thing that does baffle me whenever I go out is the amount of oil and sauce everyone puts on everything. No food needs the amount some places lather on.

  • CJ

    Great suggestions. Very helpful.



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