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Healthy weekend up the coast – Avoca Beach

05 May 2014
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FORD AUSTRALIA sent my partner Dean and I up to Avoca beach just last weekend. It was a healthy and delicious escape. We are LOVING our little Ford Eco Sport.

I wanted to write this short blog post so I could share all the healthy spots up in Avoca/Terrigal and how I choose to enjoy my weekend. I make rest a priority.

For three days, we read, slept, ate delicious food, walked, talked, laughed and watched movies. It was heaven! We also cruised around town in our ECO SPORT to find some healthy spots – my mission in life, ha! Dean and I ensure our weekends are loaded with REST after hectic weeks. Our bodies thank us and then we are ready to work hard again.

We stayed in the cutest little B&B called Avoca Valley B&B. It has only 3-4 bedrooms, all shabby chic style – love! The fireplace, huge spa bath and jazz music immediately set the tone for our romantic weekend away. It’s nestled in beautifully lush green woods – and they even have little chickens running around their gorgeous property! It just had such a cosy feeling.  Each morning, the couple who run the B&B made Dean and I the BEST wholesome breakfast of Greek yoghurt, nuts, seeds, berries and some poached eggs – yum.

My other favorite healthy spots:

Oomph Café – Wholesome café. It has a divine juice selection and some delicious little dishes. I had the mushrooms, thyme and goats cheese on gluten-free toast for lunch. Yum.

Beck and Co – The best coffee in Avoca. I enjoyed my 1/2 cappuccino (I use real milk). You know I love my one a day!

Bella Natural Food Co – Great coffee, amazing green juices and wholesome organic produce in Terrigal. Their menu is catered for us health nuts. I had the grilled pumpkin with avocado and poached eggs. Try this place!

The Letter Box – The cutest and cosiet little restaurant in the heart of Terrigal. I had a divine glass of red wine. Dean and I shared the chicken salad and lamb shoulder with a side salad.

Cove Café Terrigal – Healthy options and a gorgeous view.

Rojo Rocket – For some Mexican fun. The overall vibe in this place got me excited! I know what you’re thinking – Mexican is not so healthy! Agreed. But listen up – there are always “healthier” options. You may have to just adjust the order slightly (not too much). And as you know by now- I believe in a 1x/week INDULGENCE. My body loves me for it.

To start we shared: TOSTADASDEATÚNFRESCO – Three fresh sashimi tuna tostadas garnished with onion, avocado, coriander, creamy chipotle, soy sauce & sprinkled with tajín. They have won an award for this dish – yes, an award! IT IS SIMPLY AMAZING.

Mains: We shared the Leg of Lamb, slowly roasted over 4 hours on a bed of root vegetables, black beans and chilli ancho. We asked for extra veggies rather than the potato mash (see, you can alter things slightly to make your meal just that much healthier) and a green salad with avocado and pomegranate. It was so fresh! We also shared the meat balls – yum! Dean had a litchi martini and I had a glass of red wine (I believe red wine is a much better and healthier choice than any cocktail that is usually loaded with sugar).

Avoca Beach – We went walking on this gorgeous beach each morning. Such a beautiful way to start the day! We sat on the rocks at the end of the beach and thanked the universe for all of our blessings.

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