A Heartfelt Note About The Pressure I’m Feeling


I’ve been thinking a lot about the feeling of pressure lately.


We put so much pressure on ourselves; to be on the perfect diet, to workout everyday, to look good, to be the perfect partners, parents, friends, workers, sisters… Pressure to do it all right.


I’m feeling the pressure, and so are you.


I’ve also seen through my nutrition practice and online community a huge increase in emotional eating, binge eating and feeling out of control with food. It makes me wonder if this could be linked to the increase in pressure we are placing on ourselves.


Is this pressure causing us to have a strained relationship with our bodies? We can’t expect to do it all right. We have to start releasing this pressure we’re placing on ourselves.


I can’t do it all – you can’t do it all. I’m actually ok with that. We’re only human after all. A few years ago I wouldn’t have been so alright with this. I felt I needed to do it all perfectly right and, perhaps, it was what led me into a pretty bad relationship with food and my body.


Pressure can be so toxic. Here are my five top tips to combat this feeling of pressure – and make peace with your body.


  1. Don’t fight the thoughts of pressure. Simply be aware of them. Accept that it’s normal to feel pressure. Do this with a sense of love and kindness and don’t beat yourself up about it.
  2. Start a gratitude practice daily – this could be done verbally or written down in your notes on your phone. It will help you feel that who you are and what you have is enough.
  3. Immediately unfollow people on social media who you are comparing yourself to – it adds so much pressure to a person – even if you don’t realise it straight away! Ask yourself who you are comparing your body to and why. Is that comparison realistic or fair? Probably not. You are punishing yourself by comparing your body to a supermodel on Instagram. Please, leave that comparison behind.
  4. Get rid of the scale, calorie counting and latching onto fad diets/extremes. They add so much stress and pressure to our lives.
  5. Remember, perfection doesn’t exist. We have to stop striving for it. Start complimenting yourself for all that you do or have done.



I just wanted to remind you all to be kinder to yourselves. Relieve the pressure as much as you can. It’s ok to disappoint people and yourself sometimes. There is no perfect way. Be kind.


You’re doing the best you can.


J xx


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