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My Heathy Holiday At The Conrad Maldives

20 July 2017
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I recently got back from a seriously amazing vacation to The Conrad Maldives post Book 2 tour.


And an incredibly HEALTHY vacation too.


I used to dream of being in the Maldives as a little girl. All that manifesting. I had to pinch myself when I was floating in the clear blue Maldivian seas – is this for real?


Hard work, big dreams and feeling worthy of a good life allows for the magic of manifestation to flourish into everyday life.




I disconnect to reconnect.


I use my holidays to disconnect from the world. I switch off my emails – (strictly) and I allow myself a 1-2-hour window to check my phone and social media. Disciplined, right? It’s the only way I have a holiday.


See these days it’s almost impossible to experience a true HOLIDAY!


Anyone else feel that stomach pinch when they use their phone or check their emails? I know that I certainly do.  The body finds these devices stressful and in my opinion can shut off digestion and spike our cortisol levels (stress hormones!) – comprising our health. Mentally – these devices fill up our minds – so much to do, so many thoughts – so much to process – it’s too much for our bodies.


I usually get so anxious the first couple of days on holiday because my mind is so full from my busy life at home – the thought of switching off scares me – it’s a trust thing. I need to be in control of everything, all the time, always – exhausting.  What will happen if I do not attend to my thoughts or the to do list… I don’t trust all will be ok. I think I was born this way. You get me? Hehe.


These days, we are hyper connected to everyone and to the world which has made it harder for us to connect to ourselves. It’s made it harder for us to truly REST, to surrender, to switch off and find silence.


Silence and solitude are healing for the body – but so hard to attain.




The thought of disconnecting from our phone, emails and social media – makes us feel lonely, empty and often feels like something is ‘missing’. This is true for me sometimes. And it scares me.


I want to be able to be in silence and stillness without my busy mind trying to distract me from these moments – moments that will not come again.


You can have a healthy holiday.


While I was over there, I felt truly amazing. So well and energised.

The Conrad really caters to the health nuts – with yoga on demand, healthy cafes, spa treatments and so much time to rest – this is better than any health retreat.

Which got me thinking about how amazing it is to be able to continue living the healthy life, no matter where you are – even on vacation.


When you are out of your normal health routine at home, you think you simply cannot continue to live healthy life. Most of us see vacation time as a moment to throw in the towel and let go of all of our positive healthy living habits.


I use my holidays to really rest mind and body. I relax with food.  I exercise when I feel like it. I rest more, sleep more, set up social media boundaries and I put the perfectionist/controlling part of Jess to rest (it’s taken me years to learn how to do this – hang in there!).




How I switch off on holiday:


  • I read my book – takes me out of my head!
  • I meditate and manifest every morning – I teach you how to do this in my 8-week online program.
  • I leave my phone and computer in the room at all times- they are usually switched off!
  • I watch my favourite feel good TV show whenever I can.
  • Deep belly breathing – 2x/day.
  • Let’s up against the wall for 10 minutes everyday.
  • I listen to podcasts.
  • I allow myself a 1-2-hour period to check emails or social media and then everything is switched off immediately.
  • I do everything at a slower pace. No rushing allowed.
  • I eat well but I also relax with food and I indulge without guilt.


I use vacation time to truly nourish my mind, body, spirit.




The highlights of the hotel:


  • The water – Mind blowing… Better than the photos!
  • The food – No words! There are about 6 Restaurants to choose from and all absolutely delicious. I loved the sunset grill the most – the prawns and seafood – amazing!




  • The Conrad has a healthy restaurant called, Mandhoo which caters to the health conscious people like us. It is utterly delicious.




  • The French Rose – Try the Whispering Angel!
  • Rangali Bar – Loved a sunset glass of vino there while watching a beautiful band play music. I danced every night – it’s my way of letting GO!




  • The water sports – so much fun and Dean’s favourite thing. I laughed until my belly hurt – so good for the soul.
  • We got to experience the water villa and the beach villa. The water villa has the most incredible spa and outdoor view. I love having champagne in the spa and watching the sun go down.
  • We actually LOVED the beach villa even more. We were able to jump into the sea at any time and snorkel the reefs just outside our room. The beach villa interior was so luxurious.





Some of my fave snaps from my holiday!








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To find out more about the Conrad or book an amazing holiday: click here!

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