Hello 2015!

So much to look forward to this year with JSHealth.

My team and I are working hard to bring you more delicious and healthy inspiration than ever before!

At taste of what is coming to you soon:

The JSHealth Restart Series arrives in February. Make this a month of self-love by giving radical care to your mind and body! You’ll have access to healthy recipes, wellness tips, mind exercises and abundant motivation to restart and refresh your beautiful bod.

A brand new, updated Detox Plan to accompany #jshealthrestart. I believe a seasonal cleanse does so much good for the body and soul. Let me guide you through a gentle, nourishing detox that won’t leave you feeling deprived – it will truly rejuvenate you!

Heal Your Gut mini eBook to share my signature Gut Protocol program. It’s what I use to guide my patients in clinic, and it’s helped so many people heal from devastating digestive havoc. Look out for it soon!

A JSHealth YouTube channel is in the works! I’ll share interviews with a variety of health experts, as well as my own personal health journey with you.

Healthy bridal tips. Follow my journey as I prepare for my big day. I’ll share my nutrition and exercise routine for a toned and healthy bod – and my honest feelings about the anxiety and pressure that brides-to-be inevitably feel. Let’s get real about ways to bust stress so that the “happiest day of a girl’s life” can be just that!

The Clean Life in hard copy. Of course, I’m working very hard to bring you the most incredible version of my book in August. It’s fully updated, edited and full of my nutritional philosophies, meal plans, hundreds of new and favourite recipes, and more about my personal story – how I healed my relationship with food, any why you can too.

Here’s to a bigger and better 2015!


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