Holiday Gift Guide – For the health guru

You know the friend – the one who reads tarot cards, crystals AND auras, has her own wheatgrass juicer, and was gluten-free long before you could find GF bread at the bakery. It’s the friend you go to for advice about juicing, oil pulling, and chemical-free cosmetics.

What to gift this healthy living guru? Some of my fave ideas – which are perfect for wellness newbies, too!

1. The Clean Life ($29.95 + FREE Slim Down Meal Plan)



2. Lululemon No Limits Tank ($79.00)

This sporty top is not only perfect for yoga, it’s perfectly adorable for going out for juices afterward. It’s long and airy, but with a wide band at the hips so it stays comfortably in place – and the color selection is gorgeous!


Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 8.55.50 PM

3. Coco Jack Pack  ($49.95)

Absolutely genius! This amazing little pack helps you to open fresh coconuts safely – in just seconds! The set comes with a Coco Jack, Coco Mallet, Coco Scoop and Coco Sack. A must have for any healthy kitchen.



4. Raw Cooking Class (prices and locations vary)

If they’ve been dabbling in the raw food movement, a raw “cooking” class is a fantastic way to learn the basics about preparation, dehydrating and using a food processor to create delish raw meals and snacks.



5. Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards ($15.95)

This powerful, wise and loving goddesses want to help her realize her full potential. The 44 goddess cards in this deck by Doreen Virtue will help her to answer questions and give guidance about personal and spiritual growth. A truly beautiful set.



6. Teavana Modern Matcha Tea Gift Set ($59.95)

Matcha green tea is celebrated as the “Way of Tea.” This green tea powder is actually more concentrated than regular green tea because the entire leaf is ingested – not just the brewed water. Imagine the antioxidant power! This gorgeous set includes organic matcha, a frother and matcha bowl so she can create brew her own homemade matcha lattes. Delish!



7. Spa at Home Body Brush ($45.00)

I am a huge proponent of body brushing (see this post about the many wellness benefits) and this is a great way for your wellness guru to pamper herself, body and soul. Add a little essential oil and it’s the perfect mini-spa treatment!



8. Aura/Chakra Reading (prices and locations vary)

For the girl who’s already mastered tarot cards, an aura or chakra reading is a perfectly personal gift to help her reflect on her vibe during the past year and get in tune with herself for 2015.

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