How I Keep Calm in Crazy Times

Have you ever found yourself in the midst of one of the most exciting times in your life – only to be blindsided by sudden overwhelm? Strange things can happen in the midst of immense celebration; a wedding, for example, or starting an ambitious new job.

Our bodies may react in unusual ways to this adrenaline. I found myself experiencing this personally during the launch of The Healthy Life. Up until the actual release of the book, I was only feeling excitement and relief, honestly. It felt so good to know that the hard work was coming to fruition and all of the hours spent putting it together were resulting in the final product.

But suddenly, when it was finally here, I had a rush of anxiety. There was a sense of panic to realize I would be so completely exposed to the world. My story is out there now. The recipes that are so close to my heart – they’re out there now. And sometimes I just feel like I want to hide under a rock!

I am beyond grateful for the praise and support the book is receiving. But I’m realizing that perhaps I struggle to accept praise – and this causes a lot of anxiety. Physically, it feels overwhelming. My nervous system feels shattered, and I’m not sleeping well. As someone who typically gets a solid night’s sleep, this is especially strange!

So I have put a few things into place to help when I feel so discombobulated. I hope these tips will help you in times of stress and excitement too.

Balance with my phone. I don’t rush to respond to everyone immediately – I take my time to respond to texts and calls. You can do this too – people will understand! If you can, try to have 1 day with no phone use. I did this one day until about 5pm and it felt so good.

2 coffees per day. I only usually have one, you know. But I have been having two – and loving it. Not for the caffeine effect – it is more about the experience of getting out and having a ‘coffee BREAK’ from my work.

Sleep by 9pm. No matter what. If not asleep by then – at least into bed.

Emails strictly off by 6 or 7pm. Some days I just switch them off all together. And that’s OK – I will catch up!

10 minutes per day of stress free zone. At least! I am a believer of the stress free zone every day, and that means switching off, closing the door and spending a little time by myself. Lately, I’ve really enjoyed using the time for reflecting and meditation; I love putting my legs up the wall to help soothe my nervous system.

Yoga 3 times per week. It is my way of calming down my nervous system. Yin yoga really helps me.

Walk in fresh air. It’s amazing what a little time in nature will do. A leisurely walk for just 20 minutes is perfect.

Bath and book before bed. This is something to build into your evening routine. It’s a great way to wind down and relax.

Positive affirmations. In any stressful situation, it helps immensely to see the positive and declare it aloud. Recently, I have been reminding myself that the book is going to help so many people and feel nothing but gratitude for the opportunity to do this.

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